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    I have both vaginismus and very painful periods (potentially endometriosis). My doctor suggested I get an IUD for the painful periods – but didn’t know much about vaginismus. I went through treatment and am mostly better with vaginismus, but I’m worried that an IUD might hurt the progress I’ve made.

    Has anyone gotten an IUD with vaginismus? Anything to be aware of? I found a doctor who will use sedition during the procedure – but I’m just worried it still might cause issues.


    Hi blueeyes42 – I unfortunately can’t comment on your convergence of circumstances firsthand, but I do have friends with IUDs and they’ve said that the insertion is unpleasant but that once it’s in you don’t feel it at all beyond a little bit of cramping for a few minutes after insertion.

    What level of sedation does your doctor offer? I think if you were fully unconscious it would be no issue at all. I had vaginismus and had a pap smear under anesthesia before I had any treatment and it went totally fine since I wasn’t awake and able to flinch away. If you’re still somewhat awake I think it would depend on where you’re at in your vaginismus treatment. Getting an IUD involves having a speculum inserted, so if that’s something you’ve had done successfully that would help. I think trusting your gyno would help you to be comfortable, as well as having her let you know what she’s going to do before doing it.


    This is a great question. I think IUDs are a wonderful method of birth control, and treatment for heavy periods.

    If you can get the IUD inserted under sedation, I would go that route.

    Anything that will help you relax for the insertion, will make the insertion easier, and less painful, which will prevent any negative association, so you don’t lose any progress you have made.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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