I’m thinking about the Botox procedure, but I’m worried it won’t work

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    Hi Everyone – I’ve been lurking in this forum for about a year now, coming back here to read posts whenever I’m in need of encouragement. My comfort level of going places during COVID has put a halt on my plans to treat my vaginismus, but I’m 27, and I’m now at the point where I don’t care and I just want to address my vaginismus already.

    I do worry, though. My vaginismus is really bad. Extreme pain during sex, unable to insert a tampon, unable to get a gynecological exam (I even sometimes get lightheaded at the gynecologist). I have been dilating for a while but haven’t been able to move up in size much. Because of all this, I worry about what happens if the Botox procedure doesn’t work for me. I worry about being “doomed” for the rest of my life.

    I was wondering if there was anything that happens after the procedure to further ensure success? Do you continue to come back to Maze for follow-up visits? Do you recommend finding a physical therapist and lining that up for after the procedure? If so, does Maze have any resources/guidance for that or would I find one on my own? (I’m in NJ, by the way. Not far from Maze.) I also plan to start seeing a sex therapist for the “mind” part of vaginismus. Knowing what to expect, even little details, helps put my mind at ease. I do want to get the Botox procedure, but I can’t help but worry too.


    Hi Julie!

    Welcome to the forum, and your first step toward healing and treating your vaginismus.

    At Maze we really try to address not only the physical component of vaginismus, but also the psychological. Every patient is treated by a team, including clinicians and therapists.

    For our patients who are local we absolutely recommend continued visits beyond the procedure, we love that!

    We continue to work with patients in office and virtually to ensure continued success.

    We also have a referral list of physical therapists in our area, and we could recommend someone in NJ.

    You should strongly consider coming in for an in person appointment to get started on treatment and meet our team. At the first appointment we can lay out different avenues for treating vaginismus, including a home dilation program, physical therapy and the botox procedure.

    You can also call in for a free 10 min consult.

    Hope we see you soon!


    mmHelen Leff, LCSW

    Hi Julie123!
    So glad that you are able to voice your concerns on the Forum. I want to echo what Melissa posted. At Maze we work in an integrated way and you receive both medical and emotional support throughout our work together.
    Let us know how things are going for you,


    Hi Julie123! Speaking as someone who suffered from extreme vaginismus for about 10 years before eventually getting the botox treatment at Maze, I just wanted to say that if you want to really commit to treating your vaginismus, I think you would really benefit from botox. I had a lot of the same fears when I first started (especially since I didn’t know WHAT I’d do if botox didn’t work), but something that surprised me at the time was that Maze reported something around a 92% success rate for people who got the botox treatment. Not only is that impressively high for a medical procedure, from what I’ve heard, the times the procedure hasn’t led to long-term improvements was more to do with sticking to the post-treatment dilation schedule. It’s important what you be able to dilate every day for awhile while the botox is in effect so you can realize both the physical and mental advantages of having received the botox, but it’s a highly proven treatment and the incredible doctors at Maze will ensure you have support and a plan at every stage to lock in your success. It sounds like you’re already doing a good job of using dilators, so I think you’d be a great candidate and should definitely call Maze for their free 10-minute consult to see if you think the treatment is right for you!

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