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    Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to post about a site I came across recently called ! It’s an amazing site that gathered data in a study of about 1000 women and used it to create a lot of useful videos and guides on how to reach orgasm as a female-bodied person. This is the kind of research that has NEVER been funded due to prudishness and the kind of moral objection to female pleasure that has dominated patriarchal society for all of human history, and I was astonished at all the information that was presented–this stuff just doesn’t get talked about!

    I can’t speak for everyone here but the vaginismus I dealt with didn’t contain itself just to penetration issues–psychologically I’ve never felt comfortable masturbating with just my hand (always used a vibrator) and just didn’t know what I liked. But the site has tons of information about techniques and terminology and even shows videos of real women talking about sex and showing their vaginas! I had never seen this kind of content before, but as someone who’s overcome vaginismus but is still learning how to get pleasure from sex with my boyfriend, it’s already been a great resource and would probably help a lot of other women out there as well!


    This is an excellent post and site. Thank you for sharing!!!


    Thanks for posting this recessivegenequeen. All women deserve sexual pleasure, and as we now know – orgasm with vaginal penetration alone is only possible 30% of women! This includes women with vaginismus who may not be able to achieve penetration at all. Women with vaginismus should continue to actively strive for sexual pleasure (alongside the work of dilation etc). I found this really cool smart vibrator that actually allows the user to see how different forms of stimulation affect her arousal and orgasm. Check it out if you have time:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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