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    I recently received a wonderful email from a patient who had the botox procedure in August and she agreed to let me share their good news. She was very successful with dilation right after the procedure, and could use the largest dilator easily, but transition to intercourse was just not happening. I spoke with her and her husband both in early December, and they still had not achieved penetration. After giving them some tips and encouragement, they were determined to finally have intercourse. I assured both of them that her body was ready, she was dilating with the largest dilator with no pain, and they needed to just trust in each other that they could do it together. I suggested that rather than focus on “having intecourse”, they just try to have penetration with his penis, and then see where it goes.

    Here is what she wrote to me:

    Dear Dr. Ferrara

    Happy New Year! We wish you and your family a more wonderful, more prosperous and more love fulfilled 2018.

    Thank you so much for your help! We are excited to say that your help has helped us to now conceive! We are pregnant and just found out a few days earlier 😍 and were eager to share this news with you!

    — We just tried it for the first time, it was awkward and we were as clueless as always but had a strong motivation. We were trying to enjoy it but honestly it wasn’t really enjoyable. We went in determined to reach a goal every single time and that was our first time with an aim to reach penetration, without the expectation of a full penetration. I only focused on relaxing. We decided that we would be vocal about every issue so both of us remain comfortable. It worked. We had reached full penetration but it was anything like we had imagined. And three weeks later two pregnancy tests showed positive results.

    A huge thank you for helping us out! Of all the zillion treatments we had, what Maze does helps a ton! Thank you for following up with us even after we couldn’t do a good job getting back to you guys immediately.

    I’ll be more than happy to help anyone who is struggling the way we did. I believe that there’s a ray of hope in every situation and it can catch you unawares, like a surprise when you least expect it.

    Thank you Melissa and your the whole team! I have Wonderful memories with you all 😊😍😘😘❤️❤️
    Love you loads 😘😘😘😘😘

    We couldn’t have done this without you, so thank you thank you so much once again!

    Everyone’s journey is different. But everyone can get there!



    Thanks for sharing this story, Melissa! It’s always great to hear about women who have managed to overcome their vaginismus and go on to reach the goals they’ve been working toward so long. So thrilled that this woman is now pregnant and was able to achieve penetration with her husband! This is a great lesson too: as much as those of us who have had vaginismus want to solve our problems, often treatment that is going well takes time. We can’t change overnight and have to celebrate the small victories, because they’re key steps along the way. Congrats again to this happy couple, and I hope their sex lives become even more enjoyable and gratifying in the future!


    What an amazing story, thanks for sharing. This is what I love most about my job, these wonderful follow up stories!


    I love this follow-up story 🙂 she is so thrilled and thankful! I also like that you highlighted that the initial goal after the dilators should be *penetration* – I know once we “graduate” from dilators we hope we can go straight to enjoyable sex, but sometimes we gotta be more realistic & take it smaller steps at a time! And, like recessivegenequeen said, celebrate the small victories!

    Pregnancy is a HUGE victory – congrats to her 🙂

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