Dilator in between blue (4) and purple (5) of the Purr Romance set?

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    Hi all- I have slowly been working my way through the dilators from the Pure Romance set. I’m able to consistently get #4 (the blue one) in without pain. However, #5 (purple) seems like a huge jump. The tip of 5 is just about larger than the largest point of 4! I wish there was a more gradual increase there. I’ve looked at other sets and I’ve been searching for a single dilator that is in between sizes to purchase. I know I can’t be the only one to have this problem so I wanted to reach out here.


    Hi mroberts307 – thank you for reaching out with this question! Yes, as we move between the bigger dilator sizes in the set, the step up becomes increasingly challenging. You are definitely not alone in this! One thing I would suggest, is trying to sleep with the blue dilator inside a few nights each week. This is what we have our patients do after the Botox procedure, and it can be helpful to help maintain the muscles in an open position. I would also want to make sure that you are doing something to ensure the health of the vulva/vaginal vestibule. The tissues there need to really stretch with that purple dilator! Some women do well by massaging coconut oil into the area a few times per day. Hyaluronic acid suppositories that you can buy OTC may also be helpful. Some other women need to step it up to a local estrogen cream (a prescription necessary) to really get those tissues stretchy and healthier. Keep at it, you are almost there!

    Jackie Giannelli FNP-BC


    mroberts307, how are you doing with these dilators? I agreed that this is a big jump to make, but Jackie is right in that becoming an expert with the blue dilator (and especially by sleeping with it) makes that transition a bit easier. She’s also right in that you are getting close! The purple dilator is very close to a penis’s size, so these next few steps are big ones and it’s okay to give them the time they need. Good luck and let us know what you need from us to keep going – you have already come so far and should be proud!


    I absolutely agree haha! I thought so too! Sleeping with it in is so beneficial! Also, try this breathing technique during dilating. So you’re going to inhale oxygen and fill your belly up, not your chest. Breathe in all the way til you can’t anymore, and fill your stomach up! Hold it and insert your dilator! This breathing technique opens your vagina up! You can exhale once it’s all the way in. I see it’s been a week or so since this post. How are you doing? I hope this helps you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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