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    As I’m nearing the date of my procedure- one month to go! My husband and I have a question. What on earth do we do about contraception, now that we are actually going to be physically able to conceive after the procedure? We really want kids, but not just yet! I have a pretty complicated history with contraceptions- I first tried the pill 2 months before our wedding (my husband and I wanted to wait till after we were married for sex) and it was awful! Turns out I’m super sensitive and got huge way out of the ordinary mood swings (I’m normally a very calm person) and severe nausea. My doctor switched me to a lower dosage and it seemed to be better.

    I don’t know if it was because of the vaginismus (completely unknown to me then) or the pill but after a couple of months of marriage, I went off the pill because I went completely numb and had no desire for my husband at all. A few months later I switched to implanon and that seemed ok but then I started getting chronic headaches and my doctor took it out. I then went back to the lower dose pill and have stayed on that. Even though I didnt even need to be on them, I stayed on them because I still had hope that maybe one day we’d figure it out and need them. Anyways, about the same time I discovered Dr. P’s procedure I went off the pill, as a friend who has vaginismus as well suggested it as she has a similar history to me with contraception and found that she felt more balanced emotionally and actually started feeling desire- even if she couldn’t have sex it was better than nothing. I too have felt way better emotionally, no where near as moody and my thoughts are way more positive since going off them- usually I was having 2-3 emotional meltdowns a month, whereas I’ve had one since going off it, and have started to desire my husband again for the first time in 2 years. However I don’t know if this change is because of going off the pill or discovering that we now have hope for a cure for vaginismus…

    I have looked into other methods but we don’t like the idea of contraceptions that allow embryos to form but don’t allow them to attach to the uterus. My husband has noticed the change in me since going off and doesn’t want me to go back on the pill and go numb again… We also live in a small town with no female doctor and I just am not sure what to do! Any advice would be appreciated!


    Hi Possum!

    We were in the same boat. I have tried birth control pills through the years and my body rejected them, even the low dosage. Literally I would throw up every morning. My dr just said that some women can’t take them. My mom was the same way. We also don’t want to use anything that will mess with my hormones as we would like to start trying for a baby the beginning of next year. So our plan now is to use condoms or just have my hubby pull out. We are 18 days post procedure and are able to have sex with light slow thrusting(my hubby hasn’t been able to finish yet). So we really haven’t had to use condoms yet. So I guess my only advice I have is condoms. Try not to be worried about that though(I know I was before procedure). Maybe the other women will have better advice. So only one month to go! That’s awesome! You are going to do great!! 🙂


    This is from a previous post of mine from probably a few months ago now…

    For everyone I would recommend reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” I used the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for over a year as birth control and it was very informative to know my cycle 110%. I think it would be a helpful and cheap way to pinpoint your ovulation (you don’t even really need the book, just a good thermometer and a free cycle charting site/app–I use


    Hi lesoc. This is a great post and I learned a lot about the FAM after reading your post. How did your procedure go last week? I was thinking of you and hope it went very, very well!!! Can’t wait to read more of your posts. :):):)

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