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    I am having burning after I dilate like I have a bladder infection. I went to my general practitioner because I thought I had a UTI but everything was clear. It’s not just right after dilation but it went on for a couple of days. I didn’t dilate until I was feeling better and then I dilated yesterday and now the burning is back. Have I injured myself? I called and got a appointment with my gynecologist but I don’t see her until the first of September unless there’s a cancellation. I have seen where women have recommended a cream called Sesderma Nanocare intimate for pain and sensitivity. Has anyone tried it?


    Hi LoriB7 – so sorry to hear you’ve been having pain with dilation! I think it’s good that you’re going to the gynecologist just to be sure, but it’s very possible that the pain that you’re describing is just the soreness of your muscles stretching, which is actually what’s SUPPOSED to happen as a result of dilation. Your overtightened vaginal muscles get stretched and more flexible when you dilate, but the effect is similar to when you take up a new form of exercise and wake up the next day with your body sore. If the pain is only after dilation, if it feels like a soreness or a burning that isn’t acutely sharp, this is likely dilation pain (which gets less pronounced and more manageable over time). Hope this helps and I hope the pain lessens as soon as possible!


    Hey girl! I’m sorry you’re burning! When I started dilating, I swear finding a lube that was right for me was harder than overcoming my vaginismus! Vaginas are sensitive and each one different! Doctor visits are great because they’ll help you get to the bottom of it and also rule anything out! It’s always good to be safe! But just because a lube says it’s for sensitive skin, doesn’t mean it won’t still burn you! Try a bunch out! But give yourself a little break and let your skin heal so it won’t ruin your test results! I use Trojan Sensitive Skin! Let us know how you make out! I hope this helps girly, good luck!

    mmHelen Leff, LCSW

    Hi LoriB7,
    How have things been going for you with dilation? When muscles are being stretched it’s usual to experience a sense of “burning”; of course listen to your body if you feel something else is going on (or even to gain reassurance that this is to be expected).Maybe using a small internal vibrator can help massage the area and make dilation more comfortable. Perhaps working with a pelvic floor PT will help as well.
    Keep us posted,

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