Pause, Sure. But Stop? Never!

It’s part of my job as a reproductive social worker, a mother of daughters, a woman, and a human being to talk about, research and consider how women move about in the world. The conversation and contemplation is endless, of course – every facet of womanhood is multi-layered, complex and deeply personal. The topic of menopause is no exception, and there is much to explore.

We know that historically, the start of menopause was viewed as, well, the beginning of the end. Remember that the average life expectancy of a woman just a century ago was 48 years. So of course, there’s an old-school association between hot flashes and having one foot in the grave.

Enter 2019. Women are not only living way past menopause, but we are living well. We refuse to let a normal, physiological process define us (how tired of this are we, Ladies?)!  We want to be healthy, enjoy our families and professional lives, be as active as ever and yes – have amazing sex. I mean, it’s called “mid-LIFE”, after all, not “mid-I’m giving up ‘cause what’s the point?”. 

A recent New York Times recent article (“Can Menopause Ever Be Sexy”) focused on a myriad of companies offering services and products targeted to menopausal women. Insta-worthy packaging, sophisticated marketing and treatment promises to make their offerings very appealing to women who are seeking answers to their particular concerns.

While we at Maze applaud the efforts of those select companies who are staffed by clinical specialists and who rely on independent, random-controlled studies (not all of them do, so buyer beware), we also know that sexual dysfunction is best treated in person by providers who have specific training in this field. Our patients hail from across the globe, but we don’t take for granted that many women aren’t able to travel to a specific medical practice for solutions and therefore welcome online options.

If you find yourself down the rabbit hole of internet menopausal remedies, give us a call. The takeaway is this: there are treatments, and there is hope. Don’t ever settle, don’t let anyone dismiss you, and leave no stone unturned (so many clichés, but they all apply!) Once you find the answers that are right for you, you’ll be well on your way to feeling like yourself again.  

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