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    Hi all. In an excellent series of posts, a ton has been mentioned regarding using YES lubricant for dilating:
    Dr. Pacik has written: “When dilators feel too dry on removal it is due to the water based lube absorbing. Here are a few tricks: Use a silicone lube first, then the water based on top of this. The silicone based lube will still be on the dilator in the morning; Try using olive oil as a base on the dilator, then the water based lube; Twist the dilator before removing to break the seal.”
    Arose has written: “I was just looking on the Yes lube website. It mentions using the water and oil based lubes together as Heather described above, then I came across this directily mentioning this technique to help aid vaginismus!!! I find it quite overwhelming that there are companies out there that recongise our problem!”
    Lou has written: “I use the yes lube – the oil and water based ones together – and it’s the best lube I’ve found. I experienced some stinging with some of the other lubes but nothing at all with these. Definitely recommend using yes!”
    In a recent post over the weekend, sgkophie mentioned that YES lubricant is now for sale in the US and I wanted to pass on this great information to any one who may be just starting dilating or looking to switch to a different lubricant! Hope this helps!!!


    Coconut oil is also a great lubricant.

    There are also hybrid lubricants on the market that are mostly water based, but have a little silicone in them, they can also be very helpful. Liquid silk and Sliquid silk are brands.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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