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    The word “catharsis” originates from the Greek language and means to cleanse or purge. Writing your feelings allows you to air them (albeit privately) and so, rather than pushing these feelings down inside yourself, clogging your emotional being with pent up frustrations, fears, and doubts, you acknowledge them. And in so doing, you honor yourself.

    I think an invaluable aspect of Dr. Pacik’s Botox Treatment Program is the opportunity to write our own individual stories and speak to each other in an anonymous form about all aspects of vaginismus, something that is often a “secret” in many of our lives and was in my own life for several years while suffering with it. I was too embarrased to tell anyone except my husband and could not even share this with my best friend. I would like to encourage all of you reading this who may feel the same way and be embarrassed right now, as I was, to please know you are not alone anymore and have this Forum as a wonderful avenue to express yourself and talk about this condition openly (albeit private and anonymously).

    On this Forum, if you read through the Introduction Stories, so many members share that they feel this “catharsis” after sharing their stories and emotions surrounding vaginismus. I look forward to reading your posts and am here to support each and every one of you.


    Heather, I totally agree with you. This Forum has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. Being able to read, share my challenges, successes and receive invaluable advice from others has been a huge part of my healing process. For over 30+ years I felt so humiliated and alone. Now thanks to this Forum I’m not alone anymore. Thank you, Heather and to all the other women who have posted on the Forum! Thank you for being a part of my journey in helping me to overcome Vaginusmus!


    Hi ladies. For so many years while suffering with vaginismus, I belonged to one of the yahoo forums and never ever posted. I guess I was considered to be a “lurker” because I just read the posts but never wrote anything myself. At the time, I think I was just so nervous to actually write about what I had because I didn’t see a way of ever fixing it and being cured. It may sound silly, but this is one of the reasons I also didn’t verbally share this with my family and friends. In that Forum, I also never felt like it was anonymous and private. In this VaginismusMD Forum, please feel free to read and to also post any time you want and about anything. It is surprising how good you feel just from writing down your feelings. Please also know that whatever you write is completely and entirely anonymous and private. You could be Jennifer from Illinois and post as beansprout and write every single thing you are feeling and get it out all anonymously. It is very neat and a wonderful avenue to share feelings and receive support from others who either currently have or have had vaginismus in the past. I would’ve absolutely loved having this while silently suffering for so many years with this condition. For those who are considering posting but haven’t yet, please feel free to write your feelings here and know, again, that we are all here to support you. :):):) –

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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