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    I’m a new member and I’ve been in the process of dealing with my vaginismus for about one month, since getting married and being unsuccessful in consummating our marriage.

    I have my first pelvic floor therapy appointment in exactly one week. I’m going to a physical therapy and sports medicine practice that belongs to one of the hospitals in my area. I was referred there by my primary care physician, who actually had to go through therapy for vaginismus herself. She told me that her past patients had success going to this physical therapy practice. Therefore, I trust that hopefully I can eventually gain success with intercourse after going through this program, and make progress faster than treating on my own with dilators as I have been doing.

    I don’t know much about what this therapy program will entail other than a few details provided to me by my primary care. I tried to see if they have any information about their pelvic floor program on their website, but there isn’t much.

    What are some things I could possibly expect at my first appointment? Is it likely that this will just be a consultation, or should I be prepared for some actual hands on therapy? Should I bring my dilators with me that I own and have been using?

    Any information is helpful. Thanks!

    Link below is a thread where I shared my story.


    Hi Pompon,

    The consultation should start with a full history of the problem, followed by an examination, including a pelvic exam if possible.

    They might not start targeted work right away, as the first visit is more of a diagnostic visit to assess the whole pelvic floor, and come up with a plan for future treatment.

    I do think you should bring your dilators with you, even if they don’t use them, it is good for the PT to know what supplies you have at your home.



    I am confused, still . I kind of assumed the usual intake procedure. I too am considering this option. However I hear some scary stuff about exactly what the therapy process actually is. What exactly is it. How is it done and how manybtreatments are usual. What can I expect for cost.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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