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    I was reading a lot on Vaginismus lately and came across stories when women got pregnant without an intercourse. I feel quite dumb in this regard but if hymen was intact is it still possible to get pregnant? Or they just didn’t elaborate further saying that it was approached surgically? I’m also looking to get pregnant but not sure how long it will take to treat vaginismus and my hormones are crying. Thank you.


    It is possible to get pregnant with an intact hymen. Sperm can swim through even the smallest opening.
    Although it is possible the odds of getting pregnant with an intact hymen are still small.
    Treating Vaginismus first is usually recommended prior to attempting pregnancy.


    You can try to conceive a baby but take care of few tips which could be taken care while conceiving a baby.


    Hi Tykva. We became pregnant using the syringe method alternating w/intercourse. On the month that we conceived, it was solely w/the syringe method. I shared our story in a prior post (see below). Please know that you have my support 100%!!!!


    Heather’s “Tips for Trying to Conceive” is such a great read! I’d also like to quickly say that overcoming vaginismus doesn’t have to be a super long journey 🙂 and maybe you can do both (try to conceive without intercourse + try to overcome vaginismus through physical therapy with dilators) concurrently – although understandably, both can be pretty high-stress.

    Although it took a few appointments with Maze (women’s health clinic in NYC specializing in vaginismus) before I was able to use dilators, gaining the confidence when I FINALLY was able to use them on my own helped me get through all the different sizes of the dilators!

    Good luck with your journey!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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