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    I got out of a relationship sometime ago and yesterday made the decision to have sex with someone else. I was worried penetration would be an issue, though I’ve been using dilators a lot recently, but it was actually okay! Phew (:

    However I had a lot of trouble staying ‘wet’ enough and had to stop quite soon in because it was so sore. And I’m still sore today. I never used to have this problem before I developed vaginismus (I’m 23 – I’ve been having sex for nearly six years and it only became painful about 3 years ago) but I didn’t expect it to happen with a new sexual partner. Is this something to do with the condition? I’m not on birth control but am on asthma inhalers, I don’t know if that affects it.

    I know lubricants are an option but I really don’t want to have to depend on them, so I’m considering trying a vaginal moisturiser. Are these safe? Has anyone here used them and would they recommend any in particular?

    Dr. Pacik

    The problem of dryness affects many women who may or may not have vaginismus and is well known to be a problem during menopause. I would urge you to use lubes as long as you have this problem otherwise you may experience tearing and pain after.

    You can do research on the various lubes, such as water based (Slippery Stuff, Yes, etc); silicone based lubes (such as Slippery stuff), oils such as Olive or Coconut oil and thicker products like Cocoa butter. The thicker the lube, the more friction a male experiences which is needed for climax. Some do well with thinner lubes, you just have to experiment.

    Vaginal moisturizers may not be enough but it could be worthwhile to try these such as Replens vaginal moisturizer.


    I personally use coconut oil and love it! This article convinced me to try it:


    Thanks for the replies. I’ve heard great things about both coconut and Vitamin E oil, but I’d be hesitant about using an oil-based moisturiser too regularly as I’m not on birth control right now and I’ve heard the oils may be damaging to condoms. I’ve been using Yes as a lubricant when dilating and I’ve read it’s beneficial as a moisturiser too so I’ve started using that a little more!

    A lot of the online advice however seems to be directed at menopausal women, but I’m only 23 – is this very unusual?

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