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    Hi there,

    I’m a guy looking for help, I hope it’s okay I’m writing my story down here.

    I’ve met my girlfriend over a year ago and we tried to have sex after 2 months. We were both virgins, so we knew things could be a little difficult at first, but I simply couldn’t get inside, no matter how much lube we used. The longer we kept trying, the more sexually frustrating it became for me. I was totally in love with her, I wanted, no, I NEEDED sex with her. The third or forth time the sexual tension I felt was so intense, I came while simply trying to get in. I came WHILE my girlfriend was in pain, and that was SO embarrassing.

    My girlfriend started doing pelvic floor therapy after being diagnosed with vaginismus, but the problems on my side are still there. Whenever we’re intimate (which doesn’t happen a lot, maybe 3 times a month or so), my body thinks “oh wow I’m going to have sex” and decides on it’s own to come at the most random moments.

    I was wondering if this is something common and if there is some kind of therapy partners of vaginismus patients can follow to get rid of this issue?

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