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    Hi ladies. Olivia was treated this past Monday with the wonderful support of her fiancé Walt who wrote an excellent post concerning his experiences in NH (see below). For any of the male partners reading this right now, it is another excellent example of how much Dr. Pacik includes you in the overall journey of overcoming vaginismus.

    “Hello. I’m Walt, Olivia’s fiancé. Today was an amazing day for Olivia and I’m so thankful that I was there to see almost the entire procedure to begin the cure for her vaginismus. Not only was it important for me to help support Olivia, it was just as important for me to see and feel firsthand the involuntary spasms that are the cause of the primary vaginismus that she has.

    Dr. Pacik and his staff provided me with a set of surgical scrubs and invited me into the operating room. Before being placed under general anesthesia, Dr. Pacik allowed me to see and feel Olivia’s spasms. Then again once she was fully under anesthesia, to see that the spasms were still present. The value of this experience was immeasurable and allowed me to learn that primary vaginismus was a completely physical barrier and not a mental barrier for Olivia. As Dr. Pacik proceeded with the botox treatment, I witnessed a small amount of bleeding and was surprised that as the treatment progressed, I began to get light-headed after watching an incision to her hymen. Shortly after being able to assist with the insertion of a dilator, I had to excuse myself from the operating room to the onset of nausea. The staff and Dr. Pacik were very kind and I didn’t feel embarrassed by my apparent lack of fortitude to make it through the entire procedure.

    As Olivia recovered, she asked about what occurred during the time she was under anesthesia and I was able to provide her with the details of the injections and dilation. In order to determine the size of dilator to use for the procedure, I was asked by the doctor what size dilator was comparable to the size of my penis, but that was the only other help I needed to provide during the procedure.

    Helping Olivia with all of the post-operative recovery steps has been easy because of the instructions and reassurances provided by Dr. Pacik. The reassurance also came from the one on one conversation he and I had that afternoon about the relationship that Olivia and I have and how to help provide her with a hand in her success in overcoming vaginismus.

    I’m looking forward to the meeting tomorrow at Dr. Pacik’s office. After the meeting, we’ll take a nice drive out to the coast.”

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