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    Hi ladies. Recently, there have been some posts and stories about failed Botox treatments for vaginismus at other clinics and locations. For example, in Julisa’s story, it was noted “this patient lives on one of the Caribbean islands and failed to make any progress with two sets of Botox injections. After her treatment, she was not instructed in the use of dilators and given no follow-up support.” What truly makes Dr. Pacik’s Botox treatment work ladies is the entire combined program (i.e. the well placed Botox injections into the spastic muscles, progressive dilation under anesthesia, supervised dilation in the recovery area, post procedure counseling, and careful follow-up and support post-procedure). And, most importantly and what made it work for me, was how much Dr. Pacik and the entire staff at his clinic truly care about you and support you every single step of the way. To know that he believes in you 100% is truly one of the best feelings in the world and instills confidence and helps you to believe in yourself and achieve tremendous success.

    This treatment was a life-changing experience for me ladies and I would love to continue to help other women to discover it as well. Today, Dr. Pacik’s blog further describes the use of Botox for the treatment of vaginismus and the limited availability at other clinics. He writes:

    “[P]atients suffering from vaginismus are having difficulty finding clinics to do this work. We are honored to have received FDA approval for the continued research that we are doing using not only Botox to treat vaginismus, but a detailed program consisting of dilation under anesthesia, and 2-3 days of post procedure counseling. This portion of our comprehensive program consists of supervised dilation, counseling on the use of the dilators, progressing to intercourse, sex therapy to improve libido, and preparation for future GYN exams. Our success rate has been consistently in the high 90% range since 2006. We are the only clinic in the United States to have received this FDA approval.”

    This is such a wonderful accomplishment Dr. P! For anyone reading this who may have inquired about Dr. Pacik’s treatment, trust me, it works 100% and is truly the BEST treatment out there and the true cure for vaginismus. I can’t stress enough how important the after-care and post-procedure counseling was for me. Through the use of daily dilation logs, you become accountable for your own change. It helps both you and Dr. P to track your progress and also address any challenges and it aids so much in the success of the program as a whole.

    To the treated patients or ‘veterans’ reading this, how important was your after-care communication post-procedure?

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