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    Hi ladies. In an excellent testimonial from Shellie, the designer of the new glass dilators, she observed first-hand the change that occurs in patients between day 1 and day 2 while in NH.

    She writes:

    “Dr. Peter and his staff are AMAZING! I watched him address the very obvious fears of one of his patients who would have just as soon gotten back on the airplane and flown half way around the world back home that very minute than move ahead with the procedure. He calmed her, reassured her and treated her. When I returned for the counseling session the next day, it was a very different young woman in front of me, she was calm, approachable and looking forward to the next steps of her treatment. When I ended my three days with this group of women today I could see the excitement in their faces that there was every possibility that he had solved their problem and they could now look forward to leading normal lives with their partners.”

    This is an excellent observation of the changes experienced while in NH. On day 1 of my own procedure, I arrived absolutely terrified and incredibly anxious. I didn’t want to speak to anyone and wanted to actually leave the office because of such intense fear. Thank God for my husband being there and holding my hand and the tremendous support from Dr. Pacik, Ellen, and all of the staff. I was treated and the difference that I felt was almost immediate. I was calmer and, instead of wondering and worrying about everything that was to occur during and after the procedure, I was doing it and dilating with my husband by my side. The very next day, day 2, my attitude was completely different than day 1. It was surreal to experience at the time. Just as Shellie wrote of her observations of another group of patients, I felt so similar – calm, confident, and actually excited for the next steps of treatment.

    Ladies, what changes did you also see in yourselves between day 1 and day 2 while in NH?


    For me my confidence level sky rocketed as well as I felt like, “hey I really am a “real” woman after all”. A feeling of relief that I was able to have the procedure and a huge sense of “hope” that it was going to work for me.


    This is so, so wonderful Nakitalab. It truly is a difference between night and day in the feelings prior to and then post-procedure. I, too, remember being so confident for days after and smiling at work to the point that a few of my co-workers asked me if we had just returned from a wonderful vacation. Boy, if they only knew!!!!!! It was not a vacation but one of the best trips that the hubby and I ever took!!!!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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