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    Hi all. There is an excellent new Blog posted today from Dr. Pacik – The Blessings of Botox in 2014:

    Dr. Pacik writes:

    “This year has been an extraordinary year for my patients in countless ways and I want to touch on the Blessings of Botox in 2014. The majority of patients find out about our Botox treatment program while searching on the internet or from a vaginismus forum. The stories of other women getting cured and getting pregnant gives them hope that their desire for an intimate relationship with their partner and for a baby can materialize into reality. Once treated, these patients are very motivated to be successful with their dilation and progressing to intercourse.”

    The Blog touches on 4 very special personal stories of patients who have conceived in 2014.

    Dr. Pacik further writes:

    “The Blessings of Botox in 2014 are evident. What joy I get from reading a VaginismusMD Forum post, receiving an e-mail, or getting a telephone call from treated patients that they are expecting a child! After 9 years of treating patients for vaginismus, many of my patients have been able to get pregnant and have a child – some have even had two pregnancies and now have two children. With each and every one, I feel their joy and happiness in their conceiving and giving birth.”

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