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    Hi all! In an excellent recent post, sgkophie wrote:
    “Dr Pacik, my new OBGYN (I just moved) is so impressed with the work. He couldn’t believe whenever he did my exam in December that he could feel around and I was in no pain at all after I told hi how severe I was. Full exam – no problem! He was so interested in my surgery. He just could not stop mentioning it. Definite disbelief in his eyes… :)”
    This is beyond wonderful and so, so important to further spread the word about vaginismus. I have shared with all of my doctors post-procedure about the severity of my prior vaginismus and that I was cured with the Botox treatment program. Many, many of them are extremely interested. Some have never heard of vaginismus and most, have never heard of treating it with the Botox procedure and are extremely impressed with its success rate!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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