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    Hi ladies. There was a recent blog that I mentioned regarding the importance of keeping a daily dilation log. It essentially keeps you accountable for your own progress and is a key component of post-procedure care. I have spoken to other patients who have gotten a little off-track with dilating and they have all mentioned stopping the written dilation log because they were embarrassed about not dilating. I started thinking about the topic of embarrassment and I think that it sometimes gets you “stuck” a bit. For example, in the beginning, I was a little embarrassed about talking openly about sex and all of this as my husband and I had kept this huge secret of vaginismus for so many years. I then realized, as our sex life developed, that it was entirely fine to talk openly and have this communication as it really helped us. Similarly with the dilation log, I think it’s useful to put aside any potential embarrassment and write openly here. What have been your experiences with any embarrassment? How did you overcome this?

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