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    So It has been 1 week today since my procedure. Wow it’s already been that long. It’s flying by. I was struggling my first few days home post procedure. I was dilating too much way over the 2 hrs causing pain and stress on my body. I did post about this and some of you might of seen my post on the questions page asking for advice from others. Well the past 2 days I did my 2 hrs ago am 1 hr and pm 1hr sleeping every other day. Wow pain and stress on my body subsided! ( I still get the I need to pee feeling from time to time but I know that will go away once I’m
    Fully adjusted.

    So why is this titled proud of myself? No We have not had sex yet (I wish) Well I knew those 2 days at Dr. Paciks I could dialate up a 5 I did in the office. Yet trying to quick after set backs didn’t work. Tonight I was calm relaxed and decided to do an hr and 1/2 with 4 glass and see where in am towards my 2 hrs. Well I had a 1/2 hr left and I thought I’ll try 5 if it doent go in them I’m not ready. I tried 5 glass nope I hit a brick and yet I got that in last week when I was advancing to quick! So I lubed (a ton licodine and slippery stuff) up the 5 silicon and magically it slid in as good as a 3 or 4. Yes I had pain (no anxiety) but I was in the bedroom laying on the bed in shock for 2 minutes. I started crying too. I then waked out carefully bc we all know how hard it is to walk with a silicon dilator in. I look at my husband with a smile and he knew something happened in that bedroom. I told him I got 5 silicon in and he was smiling and so happy for me!

    Now my goal is once I feel comfy and less pain I want to advance longer jump to feeling comfortable getting the glass 5 in. I knew I had it in me and knew it was going to take some time. I couldn’t be more happier for myself. I can’t wait to get so comfy with 5 after a few weeks and write again about having sex with my husband! Happy Monday this was a big step for me & a great way to end my Monday 🙂

    Advice to new girls who are just dialating slow and steady, don’t stress and please do not over dialate 2 hrs is all we need and sleep every other night or every 2 nights and you will become more In tune with your body!



    This is so, so wonderful Katie. Keep up the great work!!! Sending you big hugs!!!


    Yayyyyyy KATIE! So glad to know you understood the stress you were putting on your body and dialed down a bit and now have hit a new high point!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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