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    Hi all. In a series of recent posts, sgkophie wrote:
    “I love reading others encouraging stories… so I wanted to post my own! About 2 and a half years ago I had the procedure with Dr Pacik. I was about a level 5, no penetration possible… not even a Q tip. From anti depressants to steroid cream to physical therapy to estrogen cream (at age 19) ……. I did it all.
    It’s been a great journey. Recently hit a small rough patch with the lower part of my vagina being irritated due to intense dryness (which was noted during my surgery how dry I was) but after this surgery, I’m not longer afraid to approach these problems. I’ve got a great guy and we talk about this stuff. I’m now on estrogen treatments (really helps with dryness) and switched to YES lubricant (which is now available in US!!!!) and things are looking up again after this little rough patch. Even ordered the #7 dilator today since #6 is no problem for me at all and think #7 might still encourage me psychologically. it’s definitely still a journey, and I’m not at the end yet even 2.5 yrs later… but its worth it. The fear is gone and I can definitely have great penetration – just as long as I wear that dilator. Those glass dilators saved me!
    I get to have great sex regularly (barre the last month with the dryness and irritation issue) but the pain from not being able to penetrate = GONE!! No longer do my muscles have that vaginismus ache. No longer do they scream “Whoa, that’s not going in there…!”
    I will admit, I still have to wear my dilator before I have sex… but I also think that’s part psychological. It makes me feel comfortable and confident that there will be no pain, and if thats what it takes to have a great night, then its fine for me! A few hours before sex I pop it in, we go to dinner, have a nice date, and when we’re back and everything is great and “normal”! I even have a small lube I carry around in my purse with the dilator.
    I will admit it does sometimes suck that you can’t have spontaneous sex… but I know its always a work in progress, and considering 2.5 years ago I was in tears because I could not even wear a tampon, I can’t complain!! It’s honestly just nice to join in the conversation with the girls about “what tampon is best.” As cheesey as that is, its important to me. SO THANKS DR PACIK!
    Also Dr Pacik, my new OBGYN (I just moved) is so impressed with the work. He couldn’t believe whenever he did my exam in December that he could feel around and I was in no pain at all after I told hi how severe I was. Full exam – no problem! He was so interested in my surgery. He just could not stop mentioning it. Definite disbelief in his eyes… 🙂
    PS. Any advice on the dryness is always appreciated. It’s not typical of a woman my age (20s) to have such a dry problem, but alas, it’s there! Fortunately there’s some amazing natural lubes to help me out! Just having some irritation during thrusting on the lower end of vagina as nerves are a bit irritated (or so my OBGYn is guessing).”
    I replied:
    “Hi sgkophie! Huge, huge CONGRATS on your tremendous success! I absolutely LOVED reading your post and thank you so, so much for sharing your success. It is always amazing to look back and now say “I am so far from where I once was.” Prior to Dr. Pacik’s procedure, I, too, could never tolerate any penetration and was a level 5 and, post-procedure, the fear and discomfort is gone – Thank God and Thank Dr. P! I think it is so awesome that your new ob/gyn was impressed with his work. I still want to shout it from the rooftops and want everyone in the world to know that not only does this condition have a name but also, so importantly, there is a treatment out there that works – the Botox treatment for vaginismus. Right now, although Dr. P is retired, he trained a great group in NY, Maze Women’s Sexual Health, and they are continuing to offer the Botox treatment program as an excellent treatment option for vaginismus. As for your vaginal dryness that you are experiencing right now, in the past, Dr. Pacik has posted about the benefits of Replens Vaginal Moisturizer and another forum member commented on the benefits of using coconut oil. This may really help. Once again, sending you huge CONGRATS on your tremendous successes post-procedure and big hugs today!!!! :):):)”
    Dr. Pacik and Melissa, do you have any further thoughts here regarding vaginal dryness?


    Vaginal dryness is a common problem for young women on birth control pills, so if that is the underlying reason for the dryness, I usually recommend a local estrogen cream to help.
    Coconut oil as a maintenance moisturizer can also be really helpful for vaginal dryness. Take a small amount of coconut oil and massage into the vaginal entrance a few times a week.

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