Physical Therapy for Vaginismus is Not Always the Answer

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    Hi ladies. In a recent blog, Physical Therapy for Vaginismus is Not Always the Answer, Dr. Pacik writes:

    “Though physical therapy for vaginismus is a well-established form of therapy for vaginismus, patients who have a very high level of anxiety and fear related to any touch in the pelvic area often fail to make progress with physical therapy. Therefore, there has been inconsistency in the efficacy of physical therapy for vaginismus mostly because of the lack of stratifying patients according to the severity of vaginismus. Lumping every patient into the same generalized category of vaginismus, without understanding the severity, allows some patients to benefit from treatment whereas others fail to make progress.

    I have seen this with some of my patients who are a Lamont/Pacik level 5 vaginismus and have never had any form of penetration. I have treated physical therapists themselves, who work in the field, and were unable to achieve success with physical therapy. These women were able to achieve intercourse after treatment with Botox and dilators.”

    Please find the link to the blog below:

    I encourage you to read this blog and welcome your comments and feedback here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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