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    Hi guys, I’ve been using the dilators for over a month now and on the whole the process is going well – I’m currently starting to move on to the last one (or The ‘Hubble Telescope’) as I’ve heard it called!
    My issue is that sometimes recently I’ve experienced a bit of pain using the dilators – not the initial pain of insertion which I’m able to cope with, but a sort of irritated, ‘burny’ pain further in. It’s not excruciating, but it’s not pleasant and makes me want to remove the dilator after a few seconds. Is this normal or is there any way to fix it?? I use plenty of KY jelly each time so I don’t think it’s a lubrication problem… any advice would be appreciated!!


    Hey Bitsize,
    What type of dilators are you using because some of them-in my opinion are better than others. Dr. Pacik recommends the glass dilators or the pure romance ones and these are way better and more comfortable than the cheap cold plastic dilators that many professionals recommend.

    If you are not using the pure romance I recommend them as they are way more flexible and comfortable to insert. You can also sleep with these dilators, which is fantastic for your progress. Another recommednation would be to ask your doctor for some lidocaine jelly to mix in with your ky jelly. This is a numbing agent that you can use and then once you get comfortable with insertion you can go back to just using ky jelly.

    Also, you can take regular Parecetamol 1gm and ibuprofen prior to your insertion of dilators and this will help with the pain to. If you are on the last dilator-drop down to the previous dilator and insert that for 15-30 minutes and then insert the bigger dilator. Once you get the dilator in-try and keep it in for around 2 hours whilst you do your cleaning..watching tv etc..

    Sounds like you are doing great with the dilators! Let us know if you need anymore help with this. Good luck!!


    Bitesize, I had irritation deeper in, after insertion a few times. It seemed that I was spreading the lube around on the larger dilators too equally. It ended up being a better idea to leave proportionally more lube at the tip of the dilator. I don’t think the lube was making it all the way to the end of “the tunnel” if I didn’t leave a liberal amount on the tip. After changing my lube distribution habits (lol), the deeper irritation no longer is a problem. I occasionally have a problem with exterior irritation (blah), and interior ache/pains (bleh) though.

    Kudos on being able to make progress while using Ky Jelly! I was not able to dilate well with it. It seemed too thin when I applied it, and if I could get the dilator in, it was though the KY turned to rubber cement inside of me. Right now I use Sliquid Sassy. Very thick; I can glob a big ol’ blob of it on a dilator and don’t have to worry about it dripping off before I can get it in.


    Thanks so much for the replies ladies. To be honest I’m comfortable enough with using the plastic dilators my PS therapist gives me (also I am a student living on student funds!)

    It’s interesting to hear that it may just be a lubrication issue – last night I was a little more, um, aroused before inserting them, and therefore more naturally lubricated, and I found it felt better. I also made an effort to warm the dilators sightly before inserting them which helped as well – so maybe when I’m overall more comfortable it helps! I’ll try and alter my own lube distribution habits and see if it makes a difference. 😉

    I’ve never heard of Sliquid Sassy, although it sounds lovely and onomatopeic, haha!! We may just not have it here in Ireland, but KY jelly seems to be treating me all right for the time being. 🙂 Thanks so much for the tips!!

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