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    Dr. Pacik

    We revised our home page on vaginismus to make it more educational and added helpful links. Please let me know if you find the information to be helpful. This newly revised home page appears on our sister website and can be found by linking to

    A number of vaginismus articles can be read that are unique to the website

    I hope you will find these articles to be of value and I would love to get feedback.


    he revision of your site looks so, so great Dr. P. My favorite parts include the discussion of your multimodal treatment program that addresses both the psychological as well as physical components of vaginismus.

    “Our multimodal program using Botox to calm the spastic muscles, progressive dilation under anesthesia to stretch the tight vaginal muscles, post procedure counseling and careful follow up has resulted in a high rate of long term vaginismus cure and is the only program in the United States to have received FDA approval for continued research in the field of vaginismus using the Pacik multimodal vaginismus treatment program.”

    For me personally, I tried to address both separately at varying times (i.e. pelvic floor PT, using dilators alone, workbooks from, etc.) and this never worked. By addressing the real physical component of the condition (i.e. the wall that always prevented penetration of any kind dissipated post Botox treatment), I was able to then insert all of the varying sized dilators as well as have successful exams and pain-free intercourse. Co-currently, as I became more and more used to dilating and intercourse, my anxiety surrounding this lessened and lessened and all of this was addressed with your counseling and close follow-up post-procedure. This combined treatment program worked for my husband and I when everything else we tried failed.

    I also really, really love the link to the articles as it includes real patient stories and testimonials as well as important information about vaginismus.

    GREAT JOB!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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