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    Hi ladies. There is a new blog posted today in which I wrote a reply to Dr. Pacik’s “I Have a Dream” blog.

    “I, too, have so many of the same dreams about making vaginismus more known to everyone and also spreading the word about this particular treatment as it is the one treatment that worked for me when so many others failed. I share the dream that no women ever has to visit countless doctors and be humiliated each time before receiving the correct diagnosis of vaginismus. I dream that physicians and clinicians will study vaginismus in medical school and thoroughly understand it so well that it will be the first diagnosis. I dream that no woman has to self-diagnose themselves on the internet and can, instead, go to their ob/gyn and learn of the condition of vaginismus and the treatments available. I dream that every single woman out there with vaginismus knows this particular treatment and that it WORKS. It’s the one treatment that worked for me after 15 years of living with vaginismus!

    I dream that no women has to suffer in silence for close to half of their life with such a heavy burden while lying to those closest to them because the truth is almost unbearable. I dream of an international organization specifically for those with vaginismus. I dream of increased and improved research efforts and raising the public’s awareness to the point that vaginismus is as common and as discussed as erectile dysfunction. I dream that a documentary will be made about vaginismus and this particular treatment and receive international distribution. I dream that articles will be published in women’s magazines specifically referencing vaginismus and making so many more women aware of the name of their condition and that a treatment exists. How many women discovered their condition and this treatment program from reading the article in Cosmopolitan? The answer is several. Even if the answer was one, it WORKED to spread awareness and change the life of that one person who read it. I dream of making vaginismus known to the world through radio shows and television and, again, reaching the masses that continue to suffer in silence with this horrible condition as I did for so many years. How many women discovered their condition and the treatment through the Tyra Banks show? The answer again is several. However, like before, even if the answer was one, it WORKED to change the life of this one person and to heal their pain and suffering caused by vaginismus.

    I dream of changing people’s lives for the better in bringing awareness to the condition of vaginismus and telling the world that it can and is being CURED!!!!!”

    I truly believe that we, as a community, can all work together to spread the word about vaginismus and I would love your help and ideas on even further methods of advocacy.


    Beautifully said, Heather.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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