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    Hi ladies. In a recent thread, Becca wrote an excellent post:

    “The day of your procedure, make sure you are using REAL LUBE once you’re back at your hotel. The stuff I was sent home from Dr. Pacik’s office with was actually like a lidocaine/lube mix and I didn’t realize that. I had a really difficult time taking my dilator out later that night because I was so dried up. So as long as you make sure you’re using some kind of real lube – Slippery Stuff is a great one, or Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, something like that you should be fine and it will come out fairly easily.”

    This is a great tip for future patients. To the veterans reading this, what were your experiences with lubricant while you were in NH? Immediately after you returned home? What did you find worked? Did not work? All of your feedback and tips will be very helpful for the soon-to-be treated patients.


    Is there a lube to use after that is baby friendly? My hubby and I have tried pre seed which won’t hurt sperm in baby making but I find he was applying so much of it and it world dry up fast we want kids and hitting that wall has kept us from getting pregnant. My goal!!!! Let me know so I can be stocked up before my June 9th procedure!!!


    Hi Katie. Here are some sperm friendly lubricant options.

    Conceive Plus
    Conceive Plus is FDA approved for trying to conceive couples. Developed and sold by Sasmar, Conceive Plus is the only lubricant that includes calcium and magnesium ions, which helps keep sperm cells healthy. Conceive Plus is available in a multi-use tube or as individual applicators. The individual applicators are on the expensive side, costing about $15.99 for three pre-filled applicators or $22.99 for eight applicators. The multi-use tube is a more economical buy.

    Pre~Seed (aka PreSeed)
    Pre~Seed was invented by Dr. Joanna Ellington, a scientist whose research has focused on sperm physiology. Pre~Seed has been shown to be fertility friendly in a number of independent research studies. You can purchase Pre~Seed in a tube, along with applicators. Ideally, the product should be applied with the applicator, near the cervix. It is also available in a multi-use tube without applicators.

    Yes Baby
    Yes Baby is a fertility friendly lubricant developed in the U.K. What’s unique about Yes Baby is that it’s certified organic by the U.K.’s Soil Association. According to marketing information on the website, Yes Baby also takes into account what’s best for vaginal health, along with sperm health. The lubricant package comes with two different formulas, one that is sperm friendly for use during the fertile window, and one that is vagina friendly, to help restore vaginal ph after ovulation. That said, it’s expensive. A Yes Baby twin pack costs $26.99 at their website, and comes with seven sperm friendly applicators (for during the fertile window), three vagina friendly applications (for after ovulation), and five ovulation tests (so you can be sure to use the sperm friendly applicators at the right time.) This is only enough for one month’s use.”


    Thanks so much I’ll spend anything to get some good lube!!!


    I tested this lubricant gel and it was good


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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