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    I have been appreciating reading the stories of people on Dr. Paciks Forum, and I figured I would share my Life-story (Or as I call it) My Nightmare, of the last 30 years of my life!! Maybe someone can relate..

    I was sexually inactive until age 17. From the very first time I was With my (ex- )husband now, I had pain with intercourse. I naturally assumed it was because I was a virgin and just felt very tight..
    We were active awhile longer but pain never subsided… (I started to feel it was Normal for sex to hurt)…still have that perception..

    Shortly after I developed a yeast infection that would NOT go away no matter what they gave me…
    I seen Doctor after doctor for several Months, that prescribed me everything under the sun..
    After Months it finally went away, now I was left with a 24/7 burning and pain in And outside the vulva.

    Now I am going to Doctors that could ‘see’ Nothing wrong, we did countless biopsies ,then I was told it was basically ‘in my head’..

    After yrs, I found a Doctor who determined I had Vestibulitis. Now the nightmare takes full force…
    I Tried creams, Lidocane injections (OUCH), any and everything, nothing worked.

    My doctor performed a co2 lazer vaporization of the outside skin…that made is significantly worse.
    Feeling hopeless, I went to Boston and had a complete Vestibulectomy 6 months later, as I felt like I had an Acid burn now, and all that left me with is Pain and Scar tissue everywhere….
    I can feel the knotted ‘ropes’ all throughout my skin..

    My marriage of 17 yrs ended, and my relationship of 10 yrs is on the verge of ending as well.
    This being a Big contributor I am certain.

    I have so many different emotions every day and usually go to sleep crying every night, and just Praying to God He would say “Ok this girl has gone through Enough” and I wake up and it all be over. Sadly hasn’t happened..

    I have pain every day. Sitting, standing , laying down, walking, Its relentless!! I felt SO hopeless!!

    Over the weekend, my fiancee of 10 yrs and I have split up.
    I am pretty devastated, to say the least.
    We truly loved each other but we ended up more as just co existing than anything else.
    There has been no form of closeness for quite awhile and we grew apart. I’m sure it had to do in a major part with him always feeling like he was ‘hurting’ me, so we just stopped doing everything!

    I came across Dr Paciks name and have been doing some Serious research. I truly believe I have Vaginismus which has gone undiagnosed for the last 30 years.
    Dr. Pacik actually diagnosed me over the phone, just speaking to me..( How Awesome is HE)….
    I am hoping to have the Botox injections to finally get some relief and have SOME sort of normalcy back to whats left of my shattered life, which I have not had since I was 17.
    I hope anyone who believes they have this, will try this procedure as I hear it is Very Successful!!
    No woman should EVER have to go through this and UNLESS you have it, you have NO clue what it feels like.
    It is not only Physically Draining but Emotionally, plus it is ending many relationships that would have been wonderful, otherwise!

    If anyone wishes to contact me with any advice, questions, etc. I would be very happy to answer.
    Thank you to anyone who has taken the Time to read this!! Sometimes talking about it IS Therapeutic!!

    My best to everyone..


    Palmtrees65 thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so very sorry about all the physical and emotional pain you have endured all these years. It is just so unfair. But please believe me when I say that you can have hope again. I had Vaginismus for over 32 years and I had given up all hope that I could ever be normal and not experience excruciating pain during intercourse. I stumbled across Dr. Pacik’s website and this Forum last summer and had my procedure in October. To this day I still have to pinch myself that I am able to have pain-free intercourse. Dr. Pacik and his team are the most kind, compassionate professionals I have ever come across. They truly understand what we women with Vaginismus go through both physically and mentally. It is not only an awful physical problem but even more so mentally as we feel that we are alone and that there is no hope. No one understands and they think it is all in our heads . This Forum has been so very helpful to me and so many others and I’m so glad that you found it. It is so wonderful to be able to share our ups and downs and great advice from others who have traveled down the same road or similar that we have. I am here for you Palmtrees65 and thank you again for sharing your story. I know how hard it is to share, especially since we relive it every day and are all consumed by it every minute of every day. But I promise you Dr. Pacik and his staff can help you and one day you will be posting and sharing your successes with us!


    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can not even begin to imagine going through what you have endured. You definitely found the best doctor who I know will help you overcome. I pray that you feel hope again! You will be in my prayers!!

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