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    Dr. Pacik

    Today, we launched a monthly newsletter intended to reach a multitude of women who have the condition of vaginismus as well as their partners, family members, friends, doctors, clinicians, and the general public. To view this newsletter in your browser, please click the link below:

    If you did not receive the newsletter and would like to be added to our mailing list for our VaginismusMD Monthly Newsletter, please sign up on the bottom right side of the VaginismusMD home page .

    As I indicated in this first issue, it is time to understand that vaginismus is not something that is willed. It is a condition (not a disease) that is uncontrolled and involuntary. Most women have a desire to be intimate with their partners yet are unable to consummate their relationships because of severe repetitive pain on attempting penetration.

    2014 is the year to address the issue by requesting our newly revised forms from our contact form I read every questionnaire, will do a complimentary evaluation and will attempt to reach out by arranging a complimentary phone call.

    Let the year 2014 be your call to action.


    This is so wonderful and I have signed up to receive your Monthly Newsletter.

    Ladies, I initially contacted Dr. Pacik in 2009 but became anxious and did not complete the required forms or pursue treatment. I was terrified and thought that if I tried hard enough to “just relax” as the ob/gyn had told me to do, then I would be cured and able to have sex. This never happened and I was so, so very depressed and hopeless about it. During this time, I belonged to a yahoo Forum about vaginismus. I read the posts but never posted myself. One particular Forum member would periodically share information about Dr. Pacik and his treatment program as well as important News about his advocacy efforts for spreading the word about vaginismus, including the Tyra Banks show. I can’t stress in writing how important reading her posts about Dr. Pacik and his treatment were to me as they helped me to take the steps to be cured from vaginismus.

    This Newsletter is so wonderful in terms of keeping inquiries updated about Dr. Pacik and his treatment program as well as important news and advocacy towards getting the condition more well known. It is a wonderful creation and will help so many!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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