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    Hi ladies. There is a recent July 2014 article concerning the use of Botox to treat vaginismus:


    Excerpts from the article include:

    “‘Botox has the property of relaxing neuromuscular junctions of muscles when injected by bringing about synaptic transmission interruption that keeps the vaginal muscles relaxed which couldn’t be achieved by other non-invasive means, thus allowing penetration and consummation,’ explains Dr. Pandey. The injection is given under deep anesthesia to relieve women from the vicious cycle of involuntary vaginal spasms.”

    First, I will say that I am so, so happy to see Botox for Vaginismus mentioned as a treatment modality in the media and commend the author for writing about it.

    I also wanted to briefly note that I believe Dr. Pacik’s entire treatment program, which includes Botox injections, but also includes waking up with the dilator in place, then learning how to dilate, then counseling, and finally, post-procedure follow-up and care, really made this work for us when so many other treatments failed. Also, and so importantly, is how much Dr. Pacik and the entire staff at his clinic truly care about you and support you every single step of the way. To know that he believes in you 100% is truly one of the best feelings in the world and instills confidence and helps you to believe in yourself and achieve tremendous success.

    There have been many stories about failed Botox treatments for vaginismus at other clinics and locations. Julisa from the Caribbean, had two courses of Botox treatment in her home country and both failed. No post procedure support was given. After struggling with inability to have intercourse for seven years, she received Dr. Pacik’s Botox Treatment Program for Vaginismus and achieved pain-free intercourse at seven weeks. At 3 months she writes: “I’m having intercourse 3 times a week and it does not hurt at all. I’m just a little tense in my legs but that’s nothing. I’m glad it doesn’t hurt at all. And tell you the truth, I enjoyed it the last time we did it. It was different than the other times.” This is a wonderful testimonial.

    Ladies, what do you think makes Dr. Pacik’s treatment program work when other treatments have failed? How important is the follow-up support and care? For a new woman considering this treatment, what advice do you have?

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