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    Hi ladies. There are so many people on this forum and website that have shared their personal stories and I thank you so, so much for doing this. I believe that the only way to begin to break down the barriers we’ve experienced, with regard to proper diagnosis and especially proper treatment, is to get the word out and educate regarding the condition of vaginismus and this particular treatment program. I further believe that the more voices we have, the more easily we will be heard. I know there are many, many voices on here and I believe we should work together on channeling them.

    Dr. Pacik’s website has been so wonderful and without it, many of us would still be searching helplessly for an answer at the hands of professionals who have little insight into the condition of vaginismus. There are countless public arenas (television, magazines, newspapers, journals, etc.) where we can start to raise awareness and bridge our efforts out into the community. Imagine how many more people we could reach by doing this together. I believe that by doing so, we will bring awareness to the condition of vaginismus and we will truly help so many women out there who continue to suffer in silence.

    I’d like to ask each of you to participate in this joint project of spreading the word regarding the condition of vaginismus and this particular treatment program.

    I propose the following:

    1) Can you please either post in the forum or send me a private e-mail letter of your story. (this will remain anonymous in all forms)
    a. In your story, can you please write a few paragraphs, not exceeding a page, discussing the diagnosis and its impact on your life.
    b. This could include: etiology, symptoms, progression, barriers to obtaining a diagnosis, and barriers to obtaining treatment.
    c. Could you also please share your experience in receiving Dr. Pacik’s treatment program and its impact on your life.
    2) I then will develop a cover letter template, where revisions can be made depending on where the cover letter and personal letters will be sent.
    3) We can then send our letters anywhere we choose (i.e. television, magazines, newspapers, journals, etc.).
    4) I would be happy to print our letters, make copies, and mail them out.

    Can you imagine the reaction that an editor may have from receiving 50-75 (1-page) personal and touching stories of living with vaginismus and overcoming such with this particular treatment program. It just needs to grab one person’s attention to get the ball rolling toward publication! This may be a very good start ladies and who knows what opportunities we will get as a result.

    To participate and help to spread the word, please either post your story under the “Success Stories” category on the forum or send me a private e-mail at:

    As always, thank you so, so much!!!!


    I haven’t received Dr. Pacik’s treatment (yet), but I think my letter would end up being book-length all in itself….especially after I’m cured.


    Hi SFJ. I would LOVE to receive your letter and add it to my patient letters for submission. I believe that if we all work together towards the goal of spreading the word about vaginismus, we can truly help so many more women out there with this condition who continue to suffer in silence. Thus far, I’ve contacted several magazines, newspapers, journals, etc. to write an article about vaginismus. Other forum members have also shared their ideas of sharing Dr. P’s book with local libraries and posting pamphlets at universities and health clinics. I LOVE all of these ideas. Can you think of any additional ways that we can all work to get the word out there???

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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