How Long Does One Need to Dilate After Botox Treatment?

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    Hi ladies. An excellent new blog was written regarding the question of “How Long Does One Need to Dilate After Botox Treatment?

    Excerpts from the Blog include:

    “Following treatment for vaginismus, the patient returns home to continue dilation two hours a day and sleeping with a medium dilator every second night for about four to six weeks. As a patient progresses and becomes more comfortable with dilation the amount of time for dilation can be reduced first to about one and a half hours, then to one hour a day. It is difficult to suggest a formula because each patient progresses at a different speed. This is the value of keeping a daily dilation log and corresponding with Dr. Pacik after Botox vaginismus treatment.”

    In a Forum post, Dr. Pacik has also written:

    “Though recommendations are made for dilating during the first month post procedure, after this there is a wide divergence as women get to know what they need to do. They have a greater sense of how their vagina is responding to the dilation. Sometimes only 15 minutes a day is fine and there is no further pain with intercourse, some women sleep every night with #4 or the #5 dilator and do minimal dilation during the day, others maintain their full schedule for a year. This is all detailed in my book “When Sex Seems Impossible…” Ch. 11 p,87″

    Ladies, what have been your own experiences with dilating post-procedure? What advice do you have for future patients?

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