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    Dr. Pacik

    The Year in Review and Season’s Greetings

    As 2012 draws to a close there is so much to be grateful for. The Forum has truly made a difference to so many people and there has been such an enormous exchange of information and encouragement. It is hard to believe that the Forum is only one year old. First launched in early 2012, by the end of the year more than 250 members have posted over 1700 posts on more than 400 topics! The Forum has become like a book and many of the new inquiries have told me they have read every page of the Forum! This is exactly why it is so important to continue this resource to others. For the veterans to continue posting, what works and what does not work so well. Each person is unique, yet we all share common needs and experiences. Only by making this well known will others have the ability to learn. We learn from both the successes and the continued struggles of others. We learn that if we have been successful to pass this on. There may just be a small kernel of enlightenment that will help those who continue to struggle. Please continue posting so that we may all be enlightened. Every post is important.

    I would like to thank Heather our moderator who has worked tirelessly to keep the wheels of this big engine running. Since her own treatment more than a year ago she has dedicated herself to others in so many ways. Apart from the enormous effort of personally reading and responding to every post, she has done so much behind the scenes. She has personally communicated with countless inquiries both by email and by phone. She has met with women from foreign lands, she is tireless in creating articles for magazines and has spent considerable time bringing vaginismus into proper focus for the National Vulvodynia Association. She has edited many of my scientific papers and is currently editing a book written by one of my patients. Despite her busy legal practice, there is no effort too large when it comes time to support our ladies who need help or advice.

    I would like to wish everyone only the best for the New Year. May your every dream come true. Pray for peace in this turbulent world and pray for others to be fulfilled in their relationships. Please keep the Forum alive by being active, even long after you have achieved success. Give the gift of the Forum to others by posting the Forum on other websites. Spread the word that there is a condition called vaginismus that is nothing to be embarrassed about and to know that treatment is available, effective and long lasting. Be there for those who need you. We have the strength of numbers, experience and wisdom. By sharing, we bring life to others. May 2013 be a Healthy, Happy and Peaceful New Year.


    Happy New Year to all of the Forum members, including Dr. Pacik, Janet, the staff, treated patients (vets), to-be-treated patients, inquiries, and everyone reading this. Thank you so much Dr. Pacik for your kind words. Most importantly, thank you for creating this Forum, giving us a voice, and being such a strong and effective advocate for women with vaginismus.

    This past year, one of our own Forum members, Rachel, wrote a song and created a video titled Alone Anymore.

    Lyrics from the song include:
    “You don’t have to be afraid anymore, You don’t have to be alone anymore”

    I personally found the song so touching and watching the video reminded me of the 15 year struggle that I underwent with vaginismus and so many emotions that surrounded it as we suffered in silence and told absolutely no one for this entire time.

    Ladies, this Forum is a gift to all of us and is such a wonderful way to break this silence that so often surrounds vaginismus. As Dr. Pacik has written, it allows women to realize they are not alone and they don’t need to live in silence … it gives them a voice. It also creates a wonderful sense of community with everyone sharing their thoughts and ideas together. I sincerely believe that through our posts and discussions, we are helping so many more women every single day to not only learn about the condition of vaginismus but to also discover that there is a cure out there that really works.

    Thank you to Dr. Pacik and to all forum members and I look very forward to reading more of your posts. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013!!!

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