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    Hi all,

    This is my first post in this forum, hope can get more support and clear my doubt, thanks all.

    I having my dilator training recently. #1 and 2 is alright. But for #3 for first time, I feel burning in the vagina when it go deep in, after take out the burning gone. Is it normal? I don’t have such burning for #1&2. Should I continue?


    I’m currently in early stages of treatment myself so I don’t have all the answers. But for me, when I got to the 3rd and 4th dilator they definitely burned while inside me. After sitting for about 10 minutes it went away, and the next time I tried with those sizes it was a little less severe. Don’t give up!


    Hello pompon,

    thank you for replying me, your reply really make my day! I agree with you that after sitting for about 10mins, the burning went away. I have tried the #3 dilator last night again, the burning feel getting lesser. Hope it will be less severe when I try again and again. Target to go for the 4th dilator on next week! cross finger! we can do it, give you my support (HUG) 🙂


    The burning is normal, especially when first inserting those larger dilators. What you feel as burning is those muscles stretching, which is why the burning is less and less as you work with the dilators. It’s kind of the same if you went for a 5 mile run for the first time ever. You would feel a lot of burning in all the muscles you just worked!

    Keep at it and good luck!



    What pompon and Cathleen said! It’s totally normal to feel a burning sensation when starting a bigger size, so keep at it! You’re doing amazingly 🙂

    (I “graduated” from dilation therapy at Maze – got through all sizes – so I can assure you you’re on the right track!)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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