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    Janet Pacik

    Dr Pacik wrote a very interesting blog this week on the fear of being trapped being another manifestation of the residual fear and anxiety to intercourse, even though one has made monumental progress with dilators. One of his patients wrote: “The last time we tried (intercourse), it was missionary, and while that worked fine physically, I started having something of a panic attack because I felt trapped. The time before that, we started with me on top and then switched to missionary, and that worked well. I think my take away from that is that we shouldn’t start in a position where I feel trapped, even if it means me feeling a little more sore at first.”

    The entire blog is worth reading and it would be interesting to know if anyone else has had this similar fear of being trapped. The blog can be read on our VaginismusMD Blog at http://www.vaginismusmd.com/feeling-trapped-after-botox-treatment-for-vaginismus/


    Hi all. I just had a chance to read this Blog and it is excellent. I definitely had the same fear of being trapped with first time intercourse and avoided the missionary position for this reason. We’ve found two positions to be the most comfortable and pleasurable in which I never have this fear of being trapped. First, concerning the “from behind” or “doggy style” position, this is our favorite, most comfortable, most pleasurable, prevents leg-lock entirely, and I have never felt trapped. Second, we have used the position with him on the edge of the bed and my legs resting on his shoulders. This, too, is comfortable as well as pleasurable for both of us and I am free, so to speak, and never feel a sense of being trapped that could accompany the standard missionary position. Great Blog!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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