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    Hi everyone, I was diagnosed today with vaginismus by my GP. I asked my doctor about Dilators and if they offer them on the NHS and she said really only in very extreme cases i.e Radiotherpahy patients. My vaginismus isn’t as serious as some other cases, if you cant say that, as I am able to use tampons with ease. However, penetrative sex is an absolute nightmare for me as I am usually in excruiating pain. My doctor examined me internally with two fingers and I was then suffering from that well known burning pain. Therefore, has anybody bought dilators in the UK and know of any other resources I could use to conquer this. This has caused me so much emotional and physical pain over the years that I am bored of feeling down about it and I want to start my journey of ditching vaginismus for good.



    i am in UK and have suffered from vaginismus my entire life for good 10 years , i have overcome this now!!

    i tried with no success:

    1.plastic dilators
    2.silicon ones and
    3.botox (as in not good in UK.)

    I was successful in the end with the help of

    (Instillage 6ml which i used only once and twice with Dr Pacik glass dilators)

    this has really changed my world.!!
    now i can have successfull intercourse however still use

    (coconut oil + dr pacik glass dilator twice/thrice a week at nighttime only for 20 minutes)

    Consistency is the key, as all dilators and procedures were failed due to the inconsistency for me.)
    No matter what procedure you do , you have to be committed to yourself but i would recommend to buy Pacik dilators No. 5 and No 6.
    these are bit expensive but 1000 times better then other dilators and really really helped me to have intercourse.


    You are right it is very difficult to be transferred in the UK it took me two years of keeping on asking the GP – and first she referred me to “Relate” for sex therapy – which might be available were you are? – they can explain how the dilating treatment is usually done – as they are a charity you have to pay a certain percentage of your salary for the treatment – but if you struggle it might be worse while to go there – because they give you like 15 – 20 minutes slots of talking time – However this treatment didn’t do the trick for me so than after that my GP was finally willing to transfer me to the women hospital – were I am seeing a nurse specialised for this kind of treatment – they than they prescribe the Amielle comfort (pink) (you pay 15£ by yourself if I remember right) not the Amielle care (green) (which is for people after surgery – take care that they prescribe the right one – they prescribed the wrong ones for me first…) so there is in fact a treatment available but you have to got through this steps to get to it??? And than they see you for 5-10 minutes in regular intervals with your partner to see how you are getting on with the treatment. I am a bit a harder? (if there is such a classification – I personally doubt that) case by not being able to enter tampons, but nevertheless they really should give this treatment option to anyone who is suffering it is not a very expensive treatment to offer – if it only entitles dilating – It makes me pretty angry hearing that they put you off. But I would go with Kalsoon order some dilators – which are probably more comfortable than the Amielle comfort anyway and try by yourself. Or get some sexual therapy from the private sector if alone is to difficult?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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