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    I’m finally back on the forum after a major setback for me due to a family crisis and I’d like to share my story with you.

    My 87 year old mother went into the hospital on March 16th. We were all so worried about her and the frustration of my husband and I living on the other side of the country, made it much worse for me. I spent days on the phone trying to find out where mom could go after her time in the hospital as it quickly became clear she could not go back home and live alone any longer. Eventually my husband and I flew out to see her and discuss her options with her. This was so very, very hard for me as my mom was determined to go back home to her condo. We worked through it all with her and did find a lovely retirement residence for her.

    It was very hard to continue dilating through all of this and there were days that I was so stressed and exhausted that I just couldn’t get to it. Also, the time crunch while attending to mom made some days impossible to dilate. I was having trouble sleeping while away, so did not dilate at night at all for three weeks. I knew when I got back to my home it would be a challenge to get back to dilating. I started off slow, as I did after the botox procedure, and slowly built up to exactly where I was before my setback. I’m now dilating very comfortably with the ‘pink’, have just started dilating again every third night with the ‘purple’ and I feel confident now that I can start dilating with the ‘blue’ for very short periods of time for now.

    I came back after a difficult setback and feel great about that. 🙂


    Hi Elizabeth,

    Glad to hear that your mother is doing better and will be living someone where she won’t be alone and will have help. I can only imagine the stress you’ve been through.

    You definitely should “feel great!” You have pushed your self to get right back on track and you did it all on your own! That’s amazing and I know it will definitely encourage others! Way to go! 🙂


    Hi Elizabeth what an emotional and stressful time it has been for you. I’m so glad that you have found a retirement resident for your Mom. It is awesome how you have persevered and started dilating again! And you are already moving up to Blue in such a short amount of time. So happy for you and like Allie, I believe your post will definitely encourage many of us who have had to take a short break from dilating from time to time.


    Thank you Allie and Nakitalab!


    Hi Elizabeth. I, too, am so happy that your mother is doing better and things worked out for the best for all of you. I also am so happy to read that you were able to start right back up with dilation even after a break and your story will be inspiring for all.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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