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    Hi there,
    I use the Amielle dilators as they were prescribed by my doctor, and am currently working between the 4th and 5th (last one). Today I was looking at the different brands of dilator out of curiosity and noticed that some such as the femmax dilators didnt have graduated tips to them. This got me wondering whether these would be more beneficial to use as they are more ‘penis shaped’? Looking at the femmax ones I’m unsure if I would be able to insert them without the tapered ends the amielle ones have, but I guess they could be more beneficial? What do you think?



    The more blunt ends to the Femmax dilators could be helpful for some as it makes the initial penetration through the vaginal opening wider than a very tapered tip, so you get used to something much larger first entering the vagina. This is how the syracuse medical dilators are also made, and I have had good success using them with patients.

    However, if you continue to just increase in dilator size, as long as the dilator you are using, whether more blunt end or tapered end, is wider than your partner, you should be ok.

    You might need to dilate larger than the 5th Amielle dilator if you partner is bigger.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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