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    Hi ladies. There are so many wonderful stories and testimonials on the VaginismusMD page. One amazing two-part story is that of Rae:

    Don’t Give Up (Part I)

    Don’t Give Up (Part II)

    It is such an excellent story of perseverance. Within the story, Rae writes:

    “I think that it is important to continue dilating after achieving intercourse so that your muscles can continue to expand and get used to an object being inserted before the Botox wears off (plus it helps to break that neurological connection with being scared and nervous). I have good days and bad days but I am always able to dilate because I do not give-up.”

    This is so wonderful. I, too, dilated for one full year post-procedure and continued doing this in addition to having regular intercourse with my hubby. I think that by consistently dilating, it did exactly as Rae describes and helped me both physically (stretching the muscles and allowing your body to get used to an object being inserted) as well as mentally (breaking the neurological connection w/being nervous and scared).

    Ladies, post-procedure did you continue to dilate after achieving intercourse? What advice would you give recently treated patients concerning continuing to dilate even after achieving intercourse?

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