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    Hi! I’m Joy and I’m 24 years old. I have just joined this forum to get a better understanding of the different vaginismus cases and the possible Botox Procedure.

    We had this procedure recommended to us during our sex therpist session a while back but the cost is quite high for us right now.

    I was also wondering these:
    1) will being a virgin OK for the procedure?
    2) how long does it last? Did anybody need to go back for another full session?
    3) how safe and what side effects have people experienced?
    4) how big is the dilator used in the procedure? Is it fo above average erect sizes?

    My boyfriend and I are in a serious relationship and this is my very first. I haven’t had much romantic interests prior either so any sex has really been a embarrassing and nerve racking topic.

    I have grown better with the subject and we are able to do different activities but have sexual intercourse. When we first tried, it really hurt around the opening and there was red inflammation inside slightly past the opening. After going to many OBGYNs the last one said I didn’t have vaginismus and I just need to continue practicing with my dilators and pelvic floor exercises. My pelvic floor is also pretty tight which may contribute to all my studies back in University as well.

    I have managed to use 3/5 dilator sizes I have. Along with applying a steroid cream that was prescribed to me for a few months (no more than that was allowed) on the inflamed areas. That has decreased the inflammation but there is still pain past dilator 3. I also just bought the Mili, the dilator that expands 1mm in girth but the max size isn’t as big as the fifth dilator. Unfortunately my boyfriend is also bigger than the 5th dilator so even if I was able to do the 5th dilator it still may not work.

    My sexual drive is pretty low and I work on that with my individual therpist tackling the past. I did have a pretty bad experience with a tampon and sex was never a super open topic.

    I feel really bad for my boyfriend, he’s starting to get really frustrated with the situation and that just makes me more anxious. It’s been about 3 years since we have been together. It affects us almost every day.

    Does anybody have recommendations for further steps especially for a virgin?

    Thank you for any help and clarifications I really appreciate it!

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