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    Hi ladies. Dr. Pacik wrote a new blog concerning the importance of Dilation under Anesthesia:

    An excerpt from the blog includes:

    “It is always uplifting to witness a woman with Lamont Level 4 or Pacik Level 5 vaginismus to wake up from the anesthesia to realize that she has a dilator in place. One of our early patients later told me that waking up in the recovery room with the dilator “flipped a switch” in her brain. Unable to tolerate any form of penetration due to intense fear, she progressed from treatment to intercourse in 12 days.”

    I can also attest to this working for me as well ladies. I had previously ordered dilators from and was unable to use them. I, in fact, was even unsuccessful at inserting a q-tip without excruciating pain. Once I woke up from the procedure with the largest dilator already in place and knew that it was inside of me and not causing pain, it really did seem to flip a switch. From that moment on, I was able to successfully dilate and have intercourse as I know longer anticipated excruciating pain as I had done for so long in the past. For the treated patients reading this, what have been your experiences? Did you have an “aha” moment as well once you woke up with the dilator already in place?

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