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    Hi ladies. DILATING deserves a separate and distinct category all on its own. This is the second thread to talk about ALL aspects of dilating (i.e. What is it like to wake up with the dilator in place? Tips on inserting and re-inserting? Use of Lidocaine/Surgilube Mixture? Should my husband/partner be involved with dilating? How often should I dilate? For how long should I dilate?). Again, I had so many of the same questions prior to my procedure, as did so many of the other women who have been treated.


    I have been using the glass dilators, they are so much easier to sleep with than the silicone ones.
    In the morning I CAN’T even feel the dilator inside. For me sleeping with the dilator is very important because it makes dilating afterwards so much easier and in the morning the B. muscle feels more loose and stretched, it is a nice feeling.
    Also, I began the dilation process with the silicone dilators, I never knew if they were in far enough, with the glass dilators being shorter and the “right’ length, you do not have to wonder if they are in far enough, and you know how much further you need to push the dilator. This has made dilation so much easier for me.
    Also, the hollow shape makes it feel so much lighter going in, you do not have this heavier mass, so you do not need to push them as much as the silicone ones.
    I also like the shape, the clear glass, they look like ornaments, you can even leave them on your night table as centerpieces!!! I even like the decorative ridge at the bottom, it is really pretty and functional….it no longer bothers your inner thigh.
    They are also very easy to clean, like drinking glasses, very smooth.
    For those of you who are wondering where to get them (maybe you have not been to Dr. Pacik) you can call his office and order them. I sincerely think that they might be the best i have tried yet and i am on my 3rd pair!! Young’s dilators, Pure Romance, and now these wonderful glass ones!!!


    They are worth the cost because i know that they will be “my best friends” (as someone said) for a long time.


    i just saw the glass dilators for the first time last week. i had already purchased the silicone ones and have been using them pretty regularly. sometimes i just get so busy and it feels like such a chore! i don’t want to purchase the glass ones since i just got the silicone ones a few months ago and am a poor college student 🙂 but one thing i struggle with is sleeping with the dilators. i am able to get the purple one in very easily and can fall asleep with it. but i always wake up 3-4 hours later and in my sleepy state, take it out without remembering! anyone else have this problem?


    Hi Jlawl,
    Yes I would do the same thing with the purple. The glass purple equivalent is much easier, and you feel it less and you can use silicone lubricant which doesn’t dry up as easily as the water based lubricant. I would recommend for sleeping, it is easier. I still have to try doing chores. I also noticed that if you sit up with it, it doesn’t hurt like the other ones did.
    Are you at the beginning of your dilation process? I too felt like it was very expensive but i must say that it was worth it. It is good to have options.


    Hi esperanza,
    Thanks for your reply! I definitely want to look into purchasing the glass ones in the near future, as it is definitely a worthy investment. I have tried walking about with the silicone ones and agree that it is painful because of their length. And after all, for me, the length isn’t the issue, its the width!
    And yes, I’ve had them since February or so, but being so busy at school its hard to be consistent with them. I’m currently stuck on the purple one, as the pink one is very painful to even get in. But I still feel it is helping!


    your welcome Jlawl! It is so beneficial to be able to have a space to express anything.
    Is anybody having a problem getting the whole dilator in (for example the glass)? I know that i get past the entry muscle and just wonder why i can not push the whole purple (glass equivalent) dilator in, i can push the small blue silicone one in all the way. but as the dilators get gradually longer this no longer is possible. It is not about the width of it for me, but the legnth. Is anyone else experiencing this?


    I am having a hard time getting the pink dialator in, even though I was doing fine with it 3 days post prodedure, now, on my 4th day,
    it won’t go in without pain..just the tip, and now I am sore, so at this point I am using the purple.
    Is there anyone out there that can give me some advice, feedback?


    Hi 4us,

    As I’m sure Dr P warned you about during your sessions, it is usual to have temporary setbacks, so please don’t get dispondant that you are having a tougher day dilating. I have had some days where dilation is fine, then the next day it is much harder and I can’t insert the larger ones… I’ve found that whilst there are still ups and downs, I have become much more constant in my ability to dilate (I’m not about a month post procedure). Also, especially just after Dr P’s ‘botox bootcamp’ (!) you have had a lot of ‘traffic’ (as he likes to call it!) down there, so it may be that your body just needs a little rest. I actually found that when I got home from the procedure dilation was much harder than at Dr P’s, even though the botox had kicked in by then… I even had to get the little blue dilator out because once I couldn’t even insert the purple – I had a bit of a panic, but it just required a lot of dedication and patience, and now I can insert the larger no7 without much discomfort! So keep going, you’ll be fine!


    Hi 4us. Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. As arose said, what you are experiencing right now is very normal and dilating will get easier and easier for you every day. I found a very helpful blog that discusses early dilation.

    In it, Dr. Pacik writes:

    “Early in the process dilation may be uncomfortable and create soreness. Sometimes it starts off being comfortable and then it is hard to find a position that allows for pain free insertion. This may cause distress (because the dilation was going so well) but needn’t be because most women do experience discomfort with dilation at some time.

    Sometimes the lube dries up and extraction of the dilator is uncomfortable. By simply twisting the dilator first this loosens it so that it can be removed more comfortably. Most dilators are too long and it is important to avoid inserting the dilator so far that it hits the cervix which can create discomfort. This discomfort of hitting the cervix is also true for intercourse when the penis is too long. When using the Pure Romance dilators the pink #5 dilator needs to stick out about one inch and the blue #6 about two inches. For painful extraction, experiment with the different lubes including silicone lubes. The water based lube gets absorbed overnight and dries out.

    One may be sore from the dilation process because the vagina is not used to this new frequency and duration of using dilators. This gets better with time. It is OK to use ibuprofen or Tylenol at this time. The correct dose of ibuprofen is three 200mg tabs (over the counter) three times a day. This can be used for about a week if needed. If you find a position of comfort, this may be your position for transitioning to intercourse. One should therefore experiment with different positions including squatting for dilation and then intercourse.

    Most women with vaginismus have spasm involving the entry muscle. The higher muscles may be tight but usually not in spasm. Therefore once one gets past the entry muscle, about one inch (2.5cm), the dilator practically “falls in” and the rest of the dilation process becomes easy. It is also helpful to do a series of Kegels, with complete relaxation of the pelvis on the 5th Kegel, and then insert. Also the use of a vibrator has been shown to help relaxation when dilating. Always use lots of lube.”


    Hi 4us
    I am going through the same exact thing. I used #5(equivalent to pink in silicone) for 3 days post procedure and struggled for last 3days to put it but unable to. This morning I tried for 20minutes but couldn’t and got really sore and discouraged. I talked to Ellen she is very helpful and great. She told me that it can happen, not to be discouraged or disappointed at all and to take it easy for next couple days and just use #4(purple) to do daily and overnight dilation and try #5 when I’m home relaxed on the weekend. I strongly advise you to contact her, I felt so much better after I talked to her.


    How much do the glass dilators cost?
    How much do the silicon dilators cost?
    I was concerned that the glass dilator may break.
    What if the glass dilator cracks when it is dropped?
    What if the glass dilator cracks when it is inside of you?

    Janet Pacik

    The glass dilators are $160 for a set of three (the #4, #5, and #6); the Pure Romance Dilators are $90 for a set of 6. For more information on the dilators that we offer, please visit our webpage for the Pure Romance dilators and the webpage for the Pacik Glass dilators . On the webpage for the Glass dilators, you will see Care Guidelines which you might be interested in reading. The glass dilators are made of tempered glass (similar to Pyrex) and they are resistant to breakage, though care needs to be taken to avoid dropping them in the sink of floor. Routine care is needed to prevent scratching the surface. Call our office and speak to Lisa for more information.


    Still getting used to the Forum! I am never sure how to write a post! Oh well! Anyways…
    I had a question…. it seems like most people are able to move around ok with the dilator staying in place, I have two pairs of underwear, a pad and spanks on and it STILL feels like it’s going to fall out 🙁 I have to take it out to go to the bathroom, because I just couldn’t do it with it in, put then I put it back in no problem at all! 🙂 YAY! This IS my first day! 🙂 So it’s all very new, but I wanted to see how every one elses first day went?


    I wore really tight undies and when walking around just kind of tightened my legs. 🙂 I could never pee with it in either. Sounds like you’re doing great on your first day!

    When wanting to post on the forum you just have to click “new topic” on the right hand side. 🙂

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