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    It looks like most of the posts in here are about dilating after the Botox procedure.
    I’m wondering about using dilators otherwise – just on a day-to-day basis, not as part of a post-Botox regimen.
    I have a set from At one time I had been able to insert the largest one, but not without significant pain.
    I haven’t used my dilators in a while and I want to get back into using them. I’m wondering what’s a typical regimen. Should I aim to dilate every day? How long? Do I go with the dilator that I can fit in without pain, or try to stretch myself with a bigger one that’s painful but tolerable?


    Hi sryan32 – it’s totally a workable strategy to dilate without having done botox! Some people’s vaginismus is less severe and they can get by just through gradually progressing through larger and larger dilators.

    Many of the same rules apply whether you’ve had botox or not – dilation works best if you do it EVERY DAY, even if it’s just for a few minutes. You can do as little as 5 or 10, and more time doesn’t necessarily mean more progress. Aim to wiggle the dilators around inside you and insert them and remove them several times per session – that will make more difference than just passively leaving them in for a long time.

    When you’re starting off, start with the smallest dilator, even if it seems tiny and easy – that’s a good thing! It can give you confidence as you go, and if it’s no trouble at all, put that one in and then switch it out for a bigger one. The best way to make progress in a session is to start with a dilator you’re comfortable with the size of to get warmed up, then during the same dilation session, switch to the next largest size, even if there’s some discomfort – that’s your muscles stretching!

    The consistency of doing it every day is what really allows you to get used to new sizes and make progress over time. Sometimes it’s necessary to take some days off, which is fine, but more likely to cause you to need to work a little harder to get back to where you were when you left off. Setbacks and regressions are a natural part of the process, but you can completely cure vaginismus through dilating depending on your situation, and it’s a great place to start to see how much you can do!

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)
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