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    For any of you ladies out there with a relentless case of vaginismus, don’t fear! I was terrified I was going backwards after my Botox had worn off. I started experiencing pain during sex and I was so upset, I was thinking the worst, oh no it’s coming back! First I want to say that the very first thing you want to do is get checked for an infection!!! You won’t even be able to jump into physical therapy without a proper internal exam anyways. But pain should never be ignored so if you are experiencing pain during sex after your Botox wears off, go get checked! It is so vital to your health.
    Second I want to say, DON’T STRESS IT. It will do you no good and you have come too far, you are doing great, just a little bump in your road is all.
    I got cleared of any infections, I had nothing wrong with me in that aspect thank goodness! I was TERRIFIED of my first time with a speculum post procedure and I spoke to my gyn about it long before my appointment and she made sure I was well taken care of. I told her I was having pain and that my fears were high and that I was worried my body might fight her and make a horrible experience for the both of us. So she gave me 1 Valium. For anyone who has never taken any, it does not make you high or stupid by any means, it just makes sure that you are 100% relaxed. It was so easy! She was so gentle! AND you can ask for the baby speculum! It’s no fatter than your finger! Help with the first appointment is okay! Always okay to ask for help! My next appointment I wont need that Valium. I probably didn’t even need it for my first appointment.
    After that my gyn recommended I go to Physical Therapy. My first appointment she educated me a lot about my muscles and she did an exam with her finger. She was feeling for scar tissue, she felt around the urethra for anything abnormal, and she was feeling for muscle tone. My first appointment, my body hated her. I took nothing for it because you do not want to tamper with your doctors test results of those muscles. But I had a hard time trusting her, I was scared she would cause me pain, so my vagina tensed up. BUT as she continued my exam, she was cracking so many jokes and being extremely gentle and caring, my body completely relaxed and I completed the entire exam without any pain or problems. She had instructed me to do kegels, every day for 3 weeks, 3 times a day. So I did.

    3 weeks later, I go back, she does her internal finger exam and you wouldn’t believe it… NO MUSCLE TONE. My body was not fighting her ONE bit. I never knew how effective kegels could be! And cardio, ladies, CARDIO gets that blood flow to the whole body and increases circulation! Also during this visit she massaged my PC muscles from inside my vagina. Using only 1 finger, very gently and she taught me how to do it myself. She instructed me to massage my vagina internally every other day, continue kegels and dilating, and cardio! Also, happy baby yoga pose is also a huge help for getting a deep strech to those muscles! She says if I continue this work I will be done with PT very shortly! 🙂

    I can’t tell you how crazy it is. My sex life is getting right back on track, just how it was with the Botox still active. Kegels, cardio, and massages is all it took. She gave me the knowledge to connect mentally to my PC muscles and relax them. Sex is getting really really good again and I will continue my PT to further ensure my sexual well being.

    Ladies you have come TOO far after your Botox procedure! Don’t lose hope, don’t get discouraged, when vaginismus tries to creep up on you again, kick it’s ass! You can do it 🙂 Sometimes we just need a little extra help. Melissa and her team did the heavy lifting, it’s up to us to finish the job. This can and will be cured! Physical therapy is wonderful, don’t feel upset if your body needs the extra help, it’s okay, you will be okay and you will conquer this and you will be rewarded with wonderful, pain free sex the rest of your life!


    Heather, thanks for sharing your story! I think this highlights something really common in the post-treatment experience of vaginismus, which is how scary the idea of a relapse can be. After so many years of suffering for many of us, the idea of having to go back to that place where sex is painful (if it can even happen at all) is terrifying. It’s very common to have minor hiccups over the months and years (even if a woman has never had vaginismus, she’ll have periods of her life where sex won’t feel as good), but it’s important not to panic in those moments. Often it’s very normal and fleeting, and for anyone who’s overcome vaginismus once, they can seek solace in the knowledge of their past successes and know that the same is possible again.

    If you ARE experiencing consistent, continual pain, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor, but don’t let one off night scare you – like Heather says, bouncing back is common and your relationship with your body is a long journey that lasts your whole life.



    Thanks so much for this post – it was so informative and uplifting, with loads of good advice.

    So happy you have an awesome, patient, thoughtful gynecologist/physical therapist which helped you get back on track 🙂 but really it’s YOU who needs a pat on the back – you’re doing awesome and I’m glad you’re spreading your valuable story and advice to others on this board!


    Heather, I love your post.

    The Botox procedure is so helpful in working to initially reverse the tension, and make penetration possible, but when the botox wears off, for some, the muscles may want to tense up again. I try to instruct my patients that they will always need to do some sort of upkeep to make sure the muscles remain relaxed. Learning proper kegels, continued dilation, regular exercise are all key. Physical therapy can be so helpful after the procedure to educate you additional pelvic floor exercises.

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