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    I am glad you two have found so much useful info to share! I can definitely relate to having to do so much of your own research – it’s insane to me how little so many gynecologists and general practitioners know about pain disorders like vaginismus, vulvodynia, etc. Most of what I learned was online, and I had to be the one to convince professionals that it was going on. It’s a sad state of affairs and I really hope the education gets better so women can get more answers about their options and don’t have to suffer in silence and confusion for years.


    @recessivegenequeen I totally agree with you, it’s a sad state of affairs, and it pains me to see that this is the one experience we all seem to have in common, no matter where we are in the world.

    , thank you for your words of encouragement. I’m sure it will do me good to get my mind off everything for a while, but please do keep me (and us) updated on how you are getting on with your treatments. You deserve to heal from this too, and you can!


    Me too Sleeplessinedinburgh, it seems crazy that no matter where in the world you are, and whether there’s publicly accessible healthcare or private healthcare, regardless of the level of freedom or openness, there is so little general education or openness around this topic. At least we have forums like this to communicate, but I hope we see that change in future.

    Good luck to you both, and sometimes taking time away is the best thing for it!


    Hi Guys just to give you an update.

    I’ve had 3 Prp injections 6 weeks apart. I feel it really helped the skin, the only hiccup was I not so wisely had sex, and so I actually tore it a bit. I went on to have the third injection anyways. I feel a bit annoyed at myself that I didn’t protect this phase, but i am human. It wasn’t for that long but it was too soon.

    It’s still not completely healed yet but very nearly. I’ve started doing daily perineal massage over the scar for 5 mins with sweet almond oil (as high vit e). This is what was advised by my physio. And then I will start dilators again.

    The lady was super lovely and was a cosmetic GP, she actually gave me the 3rd injection half price. So I got 3 injections for $2500 nzd. The first one she injected it into the scar and near the scar on the perineum and also into the glands that help with lubrication (which is the anterior wall). The second 2 I opted for all 7mls to be injected straight into the scar. No bleeding afterwards slightly sensitive but fine. I have to drive 4 hours to get it so able to sit etc.

    She suggested then you can have top up ones 6mths to yearly.
    I think i am considering having another one. But financial constraints are likely to limit me potentially.

    Any of you guys opted for it?

    I am doing daily kegels and pelvic release yoga poses.

    Happy to hear anything updates from you guys.

    I think its helped the skin maybe 30 percent. Maybe more I don’t know yet as just started the stretching. And also i had a fairly fresh tear. However she was of the opinion a fresh tear was fine as it speeds up the healing process.


    Hi Rah,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with PRP injections. I think this is a new field that should be explored. We need more research!

    I’d love if anyone else out there has any history with using PRP for either pain, or lichen sclerosis, vestibular fissures. Please share your experience.





    Thanks for sharing your experience, Rah! I don’t have experience with your particular issue but love to hear of other techniques that help people so they can get the care they need!


    Hi, ladies.
    I have the same issue as Mel1996. I’m 29 and I’ve had tearing posterior fourchette since about 2 years. I started taking contraceptives exactly about 2 years ago and I think that my skin down there started tearing during every sexual intercourse exactly when i started the pill.
    I was on the pill up until about 6-8 months ago. After i stopped it nothing changed. The tearing appears every time during sex.
    The treatments I’ve tried are the following:
    Corticosteroids, laser treatment, vaseline and hyaluronic creams, even surgery(which i think wasn’t done correctly since there was absolutely no change after it)
    I’ve been using a local estrogen cream for the past few months(3) since the last doctor told me another surgery is not a good idea as the area is very irritated. I haven’t been using the cream each and every day since i saw that i still get the tearing. The last doctor explained i should use it twice a day for a few months and refrain from sex, but the issue is that me and my partner are trying to have a baby and it’s difficult when I’m having such painful experience. We can only try maximum twice a month which for now wasn’t successful. I’m very very scared that I’ll have this tearing forever since I’ve tried so many things. Please, whoever has had this issue and has healed from it, let me know of any possible solutions. I’m desperate.

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