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    Hi ladies,

    I wonder if I can ask your advice/experience regarding tampons…

    FYI, I’m nearly four months post procedure, was able to have intercourse after about 2 months, and whilst dilating can still take time (which I don’t quite understand), somehow it’s always quite easy with him, and I know we’re progressing as we were able to have sex for the first time without dilating first just last weekend, a real achievement!

    However… I’m on my period atm, and was rushing to get ready for an excercise class. I thought, hey, I’ll try using a tampon (I had tried them years ago, and had even managed to use them once or twice, though it was never that comfortable, and a distant memory now). I tried inserting the applicator, and whilst it was fairly smooth going in (I took me time over it), it was really quite painful and stinging, and I came over with a dizzy spell! I decided to abandon mission, go lie down, and cancel the gym session! I hope to try again as I hate to be defeated, but I was quit confused at my physical reaction to this given my success with the larger dilators and penile penetration.

    I was thinking that I ought to try going for my first (dreaded) gyn exam soon, and we’re also thinking of trying for kids in the next few months… this set back has made me question all these things (though I know I’m just panicking).

    Any thoughts / comments / advice most welcome!!

    Thanks, arose.


    Hi Arose. You wrote:
    “I know we’re progressing as we were able to have sex for the first time without dilating first just last weekend, a real achievement!”
    This is so, so wonderful! CONGRATS! I remember being very worried about intercourse without dilating first as I had always dilated with blue in advance but one day we tried it spontaneously and it went right in without a problem. This is a wonderful accomplishment!

    You further wrote:
    “I tried inserting the applicator, and whilst it was fairly smooth going in (I took me time over it), it was really quite painful and stinging, and I came over with a dizzy spell!”
    I’m so sorry that you had difficulty with this and dizziness. Dr. Pacik and Ellen have written about potential difficulties with tampons in the following posts which I found super helpful:
    “A treated patient doing well with her dilators wrote “I tried the tampon today but it didn’t work. I’m not sure why.. probably too dry, but I look forward to going back to dilating once I’m off my cycle again!”
    Ellen responded: It may have been a little too early to try using a tampon. Once you are comfortable with inserting the purple and pink dilators without issue and they go in easily, this is a good sign you could try a tampon. Sometimes too light of a flow does make it drier and harder to insert properly. Try tampons on one of your moderate flow days, always use back up of a pad at first and then a panty liner once you are more comfortable with the tampon insertion. Pay close attention to the angle of your insertion… Just like the dilator you need to angle towards your rectum and then in and up. You may also need to try different brands to find the best one for you. Like me for example, I used the same brand for years until I had children then they did not feel comfortable and were not easy to insert. It took several different brands before I found one I could comfortably use. Patience is the key to tampons… It will happen, just don’t force it.”

    Please don’t be discouraged arose and know that every single day is different and carries a new possibility! I know you will have tremendous success in all regards and I’m here for you always!


    Hi Arose! This happened to me as well on my first months post-procedure and later learned that my dizzy spell could had been caused by a state of nervousness. I know that you will have better luck next time with tampons, have a great Sunday evening!


    This happened to me too, and I was equally confused that after being able to dilate and have pain free intercourse, a little tampon was so difficult. Really annoying.

    Maybe there’s a different psychological process to the tampon, I don’t know…but I also found it painful and nauseating and haven’t tried again since.

    Maybe you can try again when you aren’t in a rush to go anywhere and you have plenty of time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself!


    Thank you ladies, it is a comfort to know that I am not alone in this.

    I didn’t manage to try again this time round, but I hope to be able to spend a bit more time addressing this issue perhaps next time, and like you say, when I’m not in a rush. Please do keep me updated with how you get on, and if you have any more tips for success with this!

    Even though I can now have sex, I feel it won’t be until I have overcome this issue, as well as the fear and pain experienced during an exam, that I will have conquered vaginismus.


    I was just about to post a topic about this exact thing! But after reading everyone’s responses it feels good to know I’m not alone.

    I’m two months post-procedure and this is the second period I’ve attempted to insert a tampon, because dilating is going so well. Both times it has been painful and difficult – this time I was able to get it in completely and walk around, but it was uncomfortable so I had to remove it.

    Would you ladies advise trying a tampon with an applicator? I thought it might have been sore because I was a little dry (I’m obviously used to lube with the dilators) so I wondered if the applicator would be a smoother? Any tips on positions for insertion?

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