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    Hi all!
    I’ve been dilating everyday lately and I’m progressing relatively quickly but the past few days I’ve been super sore. I took one day off but it didn’t make a difference. Would it be wise to take a few days off to let the muscles recover or maybe dilate with a smaller dilator for a few days? I’m worried I might regress if I take too many days off. Is there anything else I should be doing to help the soreness.
    Thanks in advance 🙂


    Hi Jaclynfich! I think it’s amazing that you’re sticking to your dilating! It’s perfectly okay to take a 2-3 day break from dilating. But I wouldn’t suggest going longer than that! Take a 2 day break, and attempt dilating on the 3rd day. If you are still too sore, dilate the next day. I found this very helpful, and relieving when I was dilating. It’s a very nice physical break, as well as mental. I think it’s important to dilate daily, but if you’re experiencing pain that keeps you from doing so, a break is important. Honestly, I get really sore after sex sometimes, especially if I do it more than once in a day and I use an icepack. I put it right on my vagina, with a paper towel to protect my skin and 20 minutes later I feel so much better! What I found to help with dilating is Googling yoga stretches to help with pelvic tension. Yoga stretches for the pelvic floor. And breathing techniques to open your pelvic floor. Basically, with the breathing, you’re going to breathe in deep. You want your stomach to raise as high as you can and breathe in until you can’t take anymore air in. At that point, you’ll put your dilator in. I couldn’t begin to explain the stretches but I highly suggest Googling them! I hope this helps!! Good luck!


    Hi Jaclynfich! It can be normal to have phases where dilation is harder than normal – it can be related to your menstrual cycle or other bodily changes that affect your vagina. I would personally recommend dropping back to a smaller size that’s comfortable to keep in the dilation habit and start working your way up again as the discomfort fades, but if you’re still feeling a lot of pain at a smaller size, it’s better to rest and take days off than to build another negative association with penetration and pain! Hope it helps, let us know if this works for you!



    From my experience when I was extra sore, I would go easy on myself by using a smaller dilator and potentially do it for a shorter amount of time on those days. But I actually tried not to skip any days just because I wanted to get used to the routine of dilating daily. 🙂

    Good luck!

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