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    Hi there,

    I’m 8 and a bit weeks pregnant, so very early days but exciting. I was diagnosed with Level 5 Vag. by Dr Pacik and had his botox treatment several years ago, I still have to use dilators before sex but clearly things have turned around! However, I still have a serious phobia of medical examinations, in that I am simply not able to tolerate them. I instantly turn into a hysterical crying mess the moment the very nice and gentle dr attempts to touch me, and have never been able to go through with them. Obviously I’m therefore quite concerned about how I will get through the pregnancy… it is not the actual birth that is the biggest worry (though of course this freaks me out!) but the vaginal exams that would go with it… I simply don’t know how I could get through it without being heavily sedated, as however rational and calm I might feel before the exam, I can’t help completely flipping out. My instant thought is perhaps a C Section would avoid this stress, though I’m aware that this is generally seen as riskier and not a decision to be taken lightly.

    Would love to hear if anyone else has been in my position, and how they dealt with this. I have my first midwife appointment in a week and a half and hope to discuss it with her then.

    Thank you,

    Arose (from the UK).


    Hi Arose. Huge, huge CONGRATS on your pregnancy! This is so, so, so, so wonderful and so very exciting! I often think of our day on the lake up in NH and so loved meeting you! I am smiling so huge right now thinking of you and this exciting news! We welcomed a beautiful baby boy who will be 1 in a little over a month – 5/7/16. He is our little bundle of joy and we couldn’t be happier!!! I had a c-section because of medical necessity (prior neuro-surgery) but there are many Forum members who have delivered vaginally.
    I wanted to share some excellent threads with you.
    Recently, Stephanie, who is due in June, posted about birthing options and received some wonderful advice:
    Furthermore, I wanted to share an excellent post with you from a woman who was pregnant with vaginismus: “I have vaginusmus too and pregnant with my second. I found a doctor that is knowledgeable about this. If you can’t I suggest to take some medical articles to the doctor…My first was a c section because of the anxiety issues I was having. Insurance covered it. My doctor uses a lidocaine gel for Pap smears and they are doable. She also uses a baby speculum and lets me insert it myself. I did all of my swabs myself. The doctor instructed me how to do it. The was no internal testing during my pregnancy, only before and after. I inserted the vaginal ultrasound thing myself. Once inside the doctor was able to direct it… Talk to your doctor if she is not familiar with the condition.”
    Furthermore, there is a great thread on our Forum concerning Pregnancy and Exams and Ultrasounds:
    I am here for you 100% and, again, am just so, so, so, so happy and excited for you!!!! Sending big hugs!!!!!!


    Hi Arose. I also wanted to share this prior post with you as well:

    Mandy writes:

    “[My doctor] was very patient and compassionate through the entire pregnancy, never pressuring me to undergo vaginal ultrasound or any other internal exam for that matter. My labor was induced just so that they could try and keep ahead and the labor and my epidural was given about an hour after I checked in and they started the Pitocin. She only attempted to break my water after the epidural was in full swing and labor/delivery proceeded from there. It all went very smoothly considering the situation. It wasn’t until after my son was about 3 years old that we found Dr. Pacik.”

    I hope you are doing well and am thinking of you. Sending support and hugs!

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