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    In a text communication earlier today, one of Dr. Pacik’s previously treated patients shared with me that she was initially nervous to insert the dilator on her own but pushed beyond this and the purple slid right in. Thereafter, with added confidence, the same thing happened with both the pink and the blue – they slid right in with ZERO anxiety. AMAZING, AMAZING JOB!!!! In the days following your procedure, dilating can be a roller-coaster but please KNOW that it does get better and the anxiety does dissipate. For the veterans reading this, how long did it take for your anxiety to decrease with dilation in the days following your procedure???


    Hi Heather,

    I’m twelve days post procedure today and i have got to tell you that i feel like the anxiety that came with dilating is almost completely gone! For me the anxiety came as a result of the thought of having something in me, I mean it literally freaked me out. My first thought post procedure when I lay in the recovery room of Dr. Pacik’s office was how it didn’t hurt. Then when i picked up the sheets to move the blue dilator in and out of me I learned that it also did not hurt at all, but I got to admit that seeing the dilator coming out of my body made me light headed. As the days went by I noticed that anxiety was there right about the time my partner would start to help me dilate bcuz i expected pain but when i felt none it started getting easier and easier. Then came the anxiety that came with dilating by myself without the help of insertion of my partner. The first time I tried the purple I got it in within seconds but i gotta say the thought of inserting something on my own almost made me faint. Overall a sucess but i thought for sure I could never do the pink or blue. To my surprise the next day both went in within seconds and today, day 12 I feel such a huge weight off my shoulder. I actually don’t dread coming home and dilating because I’ve conquered my fears and with it anxiety, next step….intercourse!


    kaylee you are doing so great! I found that it got easier each time I dilated. Dr. Pacik’s dilating schedule not only helped my body but it also helped my mind in giving me the confidence that I so needed to conquer my fears and anxiety. I’m so thankful for Dr. Pacik, his staff and his treatment.


    This is a great thread that is definitely worth re-visiting for any new members reading it today. I was absolutely terrified of anything and everything to do with dilating prior to my Botox procedure and almost didn’t go through with it because I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to dilate as I never had been able to before. With my hubby’s support, I did have the procedure and was able to use all of the dilators and transition to intercourse after. As others have mentioned in the thread, once you are able to insert the dilators as the “great wall” of resistance is no longer there, this helps you to relax and know that inserting the dilators and later your spouse/partner is entirely possible. I would love to hear from others regarding this as well. Have you noticed that your anxiety lessened post-procedure?


    Thanks resurrecting this, Heather!


    It really is amazing how women who have never been able to have any type of vaginal penetration, will be able to successfully dilate right after the botox procedure.

    It is not uncommon for my patients to say in the recovery room, “I can’t believe I am doing this!”

    mmHelen Leff, LCSW

    It has been so gratifying to see our women have such a successful outcome post botox. However, even with success there may still be anxious feelings and conflict. We at Maze are open to all your feelings and are here to help.

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