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    Hi everyone! So i got the amazing treatment about 4months ago and everything was going perfect i could have sex and even spontanious sex! I can use tampons with ease and i dialate for 2-3 hours a day i wish i could more but i work and go to school so im busy! I also have never dialed down from the purple and the big pink ! So i was wondering if thats enough?? And latley i think ive noticed the botox wearinh off? Im i imagining it? It takes about a minute longer to push them in which freak me out cus i never want my vaginismus to come back! Is this normal?!! And does it get hardrr as botix wears off? Or will i not notice drasticley?


    Hi Blondiexo … Huge CONGRATS on your tremendous successes and I loved reading your posts. This is such a common fear and one that I shared as well … what will happen when the Botox wears off? My biggest fear in the world was that my vaginismus would suddenly come back and, I’m so happy to report, that this fear was unfounded and nothing seemed to change at all for me. I continued my normal dilation schedule, had regular intercourse, had ob/gyn exams, and used tampons with no difficulty and no pain whatsoever.

    There is an excellent blog that Dr. Pacik has written concerning what happens when the Botox wears off:


    Excerpts include:

    Dr. Pacik: Most of the time women notice very little change. Perhaps some improvement in natural lubrication, and possibly more intense orgasms as a result of being able to feel the vaginal contractions during orgasm.”

    For the other veterans out there, did you notice any changes when the Botox wore off?


    Hi! I thought I notices a bit of a change when the botox was wearing off, as it was taking me longer to insert the dilators again, but actually I think that I naturally go through times when its easier or harder, as I too like you are very busy, and don’t always keep up with the dilation schedule as often as I should. I find that after a more difficult spell, once I’m back on the dilators more regularly things quickly get easier again, and as time goes by, missing the odd few days less of a difference. Don’t panic… 4 months is still quite early in the game to 100% retrain your muscles, but you have made such good progress and as long as you keep up with the dilations when you can you will continue to make good progress. We all have set backs – this is totally normal. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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